Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books

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This database "Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books(Zhongguo Jiben Gujiku)" is one of the largest digital archives of ancient Chinese prints. Produced by Beijing Erudition Digital Technology Research Center

Details: Toho Books on China site

How to install "ErdbClient"

It is necessary to install the software "ErdbClient" to use this database. (28481023byte, Zip file)

Please download "ErdbClient" and unzip. Then "ErdbClient" folder will be created.

Log in

  1. Click "ErdbClient.exe" in the above "ErdbClient" folder.
  2. Enter the below in the input box and login in.
    • IP adress:
    • User: kyoto
    • Password: kyoto
  3. Click "進入".

Log out

  1. Click home button at the upper right of the display screen.
  2. Click "退出".


中国基本古籍庫user manual (by Toho Books on China)

Operating environment

OS: Windows2000/XP/7 Japanese ed.


Library of Institute for Research in Humanities (server management: Institute for Research in Humanities)

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