• KU members can borrow books in accordance with the following list.
  •  In the ‘Government’ section, members can borrow up to 5 books / week.
  • Books on the open shelves and periodicals section are only available for short-term loan. You can use this material up until 15 minutes prior to closing time. Please produce your ID when borrowing material on short-term loans.
 Volume Duration
  Faculty of Law
Tenured faculty member 300 2years
Part-time Lecturer 30 1year
Graduate, Assistant Professor 100 1year
Research Fellow 50 6months
Research student 30 6months
Auditor of Graduate School 10 3months
Professor Emeritus 50 6months
Undergraduate, auditor of Faculty 5 1week
Guest Scholar 50 6months
Researcher of Center for Law and Policy Studies 30 6months
Staff, Research Associate 10 1month
  Law School
Professor, Associate Professor 30 1year
Graduate 20 2weeks
  Faculty of Economics, Government and Management
Professor 50 6months
Graduate 30 3months
Professor 30 6months
Part-time Lecturer, Guest Scholar 5 1month
Graduate, Research Associate 5 1month
Undergraduate, auditor 3 1week
Staff, guest scholar 5 1month


It is possible to extend the due date only once through MyKULINE. You can also renew items at the law library counter. When you renew at the counter, you can renew items any number of times unless a reservation has been made by someone else.

Returning a book

You can only return the materials at the law library counter.
When the library is closed, you can return them by placing them in the bookdrop in front of the library.