National Diet Library Digitized Material Transmission Service

The service of “Digitalized Material Transmission Service for Libraries” by the NDL is now available in the Law Library.

This service allows us to view digital images of the materials digitized by the NDL, materials that are difficult to obtain due to out of print. (Copying is not possible in Law Library.)

  • Where to use
    Law Library reading room (1 dedicated terminal)
  • Utilization time
    Weekdays (Monday-Friday) 9: 00-11: 45 , 13: 00-16: 45
  • Accessible users
    Kyoto University Student, Faculty, Staff, Professor emeritus of faculty of Law, and Ex-professor or Ex-Associate professor of faculty of Law (Not available to graduates and outsiders)
  • Materials available
    Materials with the “National Diet Library / Library transmission only” label in the National Diet Library Digital Collection are eligible. You can search them by checking “Materials sent to the library”.

About digitized material transmission service for libraries (National Diet Library)

  • Browsing Procedure
    Please fill out the application form at the counter and present your student ID, staff ID, and library ID.
    You can use it after logging in by the staff on the dedicated terminal.
    Digital images cannot be downloaded, saved, or photographed with a camera.

Copying is not possible in Law library.
Please see here for the library room where you can make copies on campus.
You can also apply for copying through My KULINE.
Please ask the counter for details.