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Library Application Forms

* It takes about 1 week to issue or renew a Kyoto University Library Card.
* The libraries in this list also accept the application.

* The Main Library is now accepting the application only via e-mail. Please apply by the following steps.

Application Form(Kyoto University Library Card Registration Form)

How to Apply to the Main Library via E-mail

*Please do not attach the form or a photo of your ID card to your e-mail.

1. Send an e-mail with the following contents to application660[at] (replace [at] with @).
  ①Type of registration: e.g. New / Replacement / Renewal / MyKULINE Registration
     ※The libraies in the following list(PDF) also accept the applicatoin.
  ④Status:e.g. Course Students, Research Student, Part-time Lecturer, Assistant Administrative Staff, etc.
  ⑤Type of your ID:e.g. Authentication IC Card, Laminated ID, etc.
  ⑥Authentication IC Card No.(8+1 digit):If you have an Authentication IC Card, please fill in.
  ⑦Kyoto University Library Card No.(13 digit):If you have an Library Card, please fill in.

2. Then we will send you an e-mail to inform you how to deliver the files.

3. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and submit the registration form above and a photo of your ID card
 that shows the period of your affiliation with the university (eg. student/faculty IC card, working conditions notice, etc.)
 *Please mask information on the Notice of Employment other than your name, affiliation, status and enrollment period.

Your Library Card is completed, we will inform you via e-mail.
Please come to the Main Library to receive your card between 9:00-20:00 on Weekdays, 10:00-18:00 on Weekends & holidays.