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NDL Digital Collections for partner libraries

※The content that can be used with this service can be used with the "The Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals". You can use it from your pc or tablet, and you can print it. Please consider registering as an individual.

The service of "NDL Digital Collections for partner libraries" is available at Main Library.


  • Main Library 1F (2 PC for NDL services)


  • Weekday 9:00-16:45


  • Student, Faculty, Staff and Professor emeritus *This service is unavailable for alumni and non-university members.


How to use

  • Please ask at library desk. Your ID Card of Kyoto University is required.
  • Staff will set up the PC.
  • You cannot download or save images. You cannot take the picture. Please request the copy.

How to request the copy

  • You can request the copy up to the range allowed in the copyright law.
  • If KU libraries hold the item, see the item in the library.
  • Apply from MyKULINE.
  • If you cannot use MyKULINE, ask librarian.
  • Fee: Monochrome 20 YEN per sheet / Color 60 YEN per sheet
  • You can get the copy the next day or later.
[Library Planning Section 2023.06.20 update]