Kyoto University Open Access Policy

Kyoto University Open Access Policy

On April 28, 2015, Kyoto University adopted "Kyoto University Open Access Policy". This policy mandates faculty members to publicize in principle their academic articles on the Internet by depositing them in "Kyoto University Research Information Repository KURENAI".

Kyoto University Open Access Policy is to be implemented in academic year 2015. Faculty members will be notified about the detailed procedure in due course.

Kyoto University Open Access Policy
Kyoto University Research Information Repository, KURENAI

Message from Director of Kyoto University Library Network (April 28th, 2015)

Assuring open access to published products of faculty research is expected to facilitate collaboration between researchers, thus empowering academic society to open up a new vista for innovation beyond the borders of disciplines. It also clarifies the responsibility of all of us, who are engaged in research and education, to be accountable to the society for what we are doing. The concept of open access has been spreading rapidly in the world. Specifically in Japan, the idea has been promoted mainly by part of researchers who are interested in the concept. Kyoto University, however, has now taken a new step forward to adopt our open access policy, confirming our determination to promote open access throughout the university.

KURENAI has, since its launch in 2006, accumulated Kyoto University faculty research on a voluntary basis. The database has now become one of the largest institutional repositories in Japan with full text data of more than 130,000. With "Kyoto University Open Access Policy", Kyoto University will make a concerted effort to contribute to the development of research as a socially responsible academic institute, by making more and more faculty research open access in KURENAI.

(Takashi Hikihara, Director of Kyoto University Library Network)

Points of Kyoto University Open Access Policy


This policy targets journal articles created by Kyoto University faculties and published after April 28, 2015.

Definition of "Kyoto University faculties" who are obliged to comply with the policy:
full-time professors, associate professors, lecturers, and assistant professors
(technically equivalent to those who are obliged to disclose their profiles on Activity Database on Education and Research)

In some cases, an autohr can deposit research products to KURENAI without this policy. For more details, please check below:

KURENAI Deposit System

KURENAI Deposit System is very useful in depositing journal articles. For more details, please check below: