Guide to Online Book Reservation and Renewal


  • The rules pertaining to online book reservations and renewals are currently unique to each library.
  • In some cases, these rules may be different from each library's individual in-library rules.
  • A number of libraries do not take advantage of online services. Please be sure to check the List of KU libraries which offer these services.

Book Reservation

  • Reservations can only be made for books currently on loan. (KULINE indicates this as "Loaned out".) The maximum number of books which may be reserved by the individual at one time is different from library to library.
  • Upon notification of the arrival of the reserved book, the book will be held for a certain period. (KULINE indicates this as "Reservation service shelf".) Holding time is different from library to library. If the holding time expires before pick up, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • In the case that several reservations have been made for multiple copies of the same book (held in different libraries), as soon as one of the copies becomes available, all other reservations for this book will be automatically cancelled.
  • Please cancel reservations through MyKULINE (【利用状況】→【予約状況】).
  • If you can not make reservations, please check here.

Book Renewal

  • It is possible to extend the due date only once. The renewed due date will be determined in accordance with the rules of each library. Please be aware that once you have made a renewal at a library counter, it is not possible to make a further renewal online.
  • When you extend through MyKULINE the due date of books you borrowed, the due date will be updated, starting from the renewed date. Please note that such online renewals do not extend the original due date.
  • Books which have been reserved by other users can not be renewed.
  • If you have overdue books, or a late penalty, it is not possible to make renewals.
  • Please make renewals through MyKULINE (【利用状況】→【貸出状況】).
  • If you can not make reservations, please check here
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