Mission Statement and Goals

(Approved by the Kyoto University Library Network Board on March 20, 2007)

The Kyoto University Library Networkʼs mission is to provide first-rate academic and information infrastructure that is consistent with our universityʼs mission statement and, as well, worthy of an educational and research center that ranks as one of the highest in the world. The Library Network collects, classifies and preserves academic information resources and newly created intellectual knowledge, the intellectual property of humankind, disseminates related information, and constantly develops and offers the highest-quality and most advanced information service possible. The end goal is to support the teaching and research objectives of the university and to contribute to the academic community at large, both in Japan and internationally, now and in the future.

In pursuit of the above-mentioned purposes, the Kyoto University Library Network endeavors to realize the following specific goals:

  1. To place maximum priority on understanding, and responding to, the needs of students and faculty in order to ensure that all the libraries of the Kyoto University Library Network are able to provide support for teaching and research in a thorough and effective manner;
  2. To select and collect appropriate materials andresources, to classify them and, using appropriate research and development, to strive to always make them readily accessible, in order to develop the universityʼs library collections and information services as part of its academic information infrastructure;
  3. To preserve and disseminate the outstanding, world-ranking intellectual achievements that are produced regularly at Kyoto University;
  4. To develop and maintain frameworks for the preservation and management of the various kinds of human intellectual property that are in Kyoto Universityʼs possession so as to ensure their accessibility now and in the future;
  5. To build high-quality user support systems that are helpful in making the best use of academic information;
  6. To enhance the skills and commitment of all library staff members and improve library facilities and equipment to help users utilize academic information in an effective and pleasant environment;
  7. To strengthen the partnerships both between the libraries of the Kyoto University Library Network and with related departments and organizations in the university, and
  8. To coordinate and collaborate with other libraries both in Japan and abroad and to contribute to our localities and society at large.