Future Vision and Strategy

Based on the forementioned mission statement and goals, we have formulated our Future Vision and Strategy that envisions what we will become some 10 years from when it is formulated and clarifies the aims of our projects on our way toward that future. The first version was approved in December 2009 (and revised in February 2016) by the Library Network Board. Reflecting on the 10 years of our activities since then, we formulated our new Future Vision and Strategy 2020-2027 in Academic Year 2019.

The Kyoto University Library Network Future Vision and Strategy 2020-2027: To Realize New Library Functions That Support Worldʼs Highest Level of Research and Education Hub
(approved by the Library Network Board in February 2020) (Japanese only)

Basic Goal 1 
To promote open access and support research activities
 Project Objective 1: To promote open access to research achievements
 Project Objective 2: To develop support services that fit to each phase of the research cycle

Basic Goal 2
To promote support for study and education
 Project Objective 1: To provide the environment for study
 Project Objective 2: To expand in-person support

Basic Goal 3
To further contribute to society by utilizing abundant academic resources
 Project Objective 1: To increase the presence of Kyoto University Libraries in the world
 Project Objective 2: To support research activities of researchers in Japan and internationally
 Project Objective 3: To contribute to recurrent learning

Basic Goal 4
To enhance infrastructure for the university-wide library service function
 Project Objective 1: To systematically develop university-wide library collections
 Project Objective 2: To provide an integrated platform to utilize academic information resources
 Project Objective 3: To promote the enhancement of the university-wide library service function and the development of the library staff
 Project Objective 4: To provide a university-wide infrastructure for library activities