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Energy Library to move to Bldg. 11 and temporary closing.

 On 2013-10-01 (1644 reads)

To Energy Library users

Because of moving,
Library, Graduate School of Energy Science will be temporarily closed
from October 10th (Thursday) to October 11th (Friday).
Telephone and fax will be unavailable during the period.
E-mail response will be delayed.

Library services are available on the 4th floor, Eng. Bldg. No.2,
until October 9th (Wednesday)
Advance application only, when using library materials
(including Lab. Stackroom materials)
Please apply by the previous day, if possible.

Library will be open from October 15th (Tuesday)
at the new location on the 3rd floor, Bldg. No.11.

Lab. Stackroom materials (Bldg. No. 6) will be moved to Library
as the metallurgy collections.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Contact to: Library, Graduate School of Energy Science
Phone: 075-753-3591