Caution Regarding Predatory Journals

Some of open access journals which are so-called "predatory journals" are published solely to profit from the Article Processing Charge (APC) collected from authors and are not properly peer-reviewed.
If you submit your paper to predatory journals, you will damage your credibility. So please be careful when choosing a journal to submit.

 - Leaflets: "Identifying Predatory Journals"(Kyoto University Library Network, Jan. 2021)

 - Leaflets: "Is this journal legitimate?" and Beware of predatory journals (Kyoto University Library Network, Sep. 2020)

 - Jeffrey Beall. "What I learned from predatory publishers" (Japanese Ver. by Kyoto University Library)

Criteria and Checklist

There are no objective and verifiable criteria to define exactly which one is "predatory journals".
There are several predatory journal blacklists and whitelists, but any lists can't guarantee the safety of the journals to submit a paper.
You can judge also by looking at the quality of papers on targeted journals, how they are peer-reviewed, and the members of the editorial board.

 - DOAJ(Directory of Open Access Journals)
 The directory of high quality, open access, and peer-reviewed journals.

 - Think Check Submit
 The checklist that will help you to avoid submitting your papers to predatory journals.

Inquiry Form

If you have any concerns, please consult with the Kyoto University Library Network via online inquiry form below.