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Guide for non-KU users

Currently, we are restricting the use of non-KU users to prevent spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) .
For more information, please visit here.

Kyoto University Library has a rich collection of materials supporting the studies and researches of KU students and staffs. These collections are also open to the public to access, search, and copy.

Before you come

  • Search the online catalog KULINEto check the status and the holding library of the material. The materials whose holding library is “main library” are stored in our library.
  • Regarding the usage of the materials of other libraries, please contact the library for more information.List of KU libraries
  • Before visiting, please consult the library of the university/institute that you belong to. If you do not belong to any university/institute, please consult the public libraries nearby instead.
If you have any questions, please contact us before visiting. Contact

Visiting the Main Library

  • Please show your identification card and fill in the application form at the information counter.
  • Please put on the visitor’s badge that is distributed by the library staff. Also, please return the badge when you leave the library.
  • Please keep an eye your valuables, since we do not provide lockers to external users.
  • The library will not be open to external visitors during examinations.
  • You are only allowed to visit the library for the purpose of accessing, searching or copying of library materials. You are not allowed to use the library for the purpose of studying.
  • We issue the library card for graduates. Application / Issue of library card for graduate
  • Please make an appointment if your group have more than 9 members.Kyoto University Main Library terms of use for visitors   Contact

Service hours

Check the library hours.
Service Weekdays Weekends&holidays
Opening Hours
Entering the stacks *Except lunch time(12:00—13:00)





Microfilm resources access

*Except lunch time(12:00—13:00)



Copying Documents *Photocopy machines are available on weekends & holidays
Rare book access *Requires prior reservation
For more details "How to use Rare Materials"

Use of the Main Library

  • You can visit only the1st and the 2nd floor.
  • Generally, you are not allowed to visit Learning Commons.
  • Search the registered resources by KULINE For the non-registered ones, refer to card or booklet catalog. (Ask the reference desk)
  • The resources in the stacks can be delivered. Apply at the counter.
  • Your identification card (license, insurance certificate, etc) will be kept at the counter in order to access the resources at the stacks
  • You can use the copy machines inside/outside the library with the price of 10 yen/page (by cash or COOP copy card). For more details "Copying Documents in the Library". Check whether the documents are available for copying [or microfilming] or not.
  • Confirm the resource status before visiting. You can also make a request by FAX.
  • For the usage of the rare materials, please make application at least one week before. For more details ""
  • Generally, online database and CD-ROM are not available. Also, you are not allowed to access most of the electronic journal. Please consult the reference desk for more details.

Resources not available generally

  • Online database
  • Audio visual resources (DVD, Music CD, Cassette tape)
  • Deteriorated and damaged resources
[Main Library Circulation and Access Services Section 2020.11.30]