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[Important] Please use electronic journals appropriately

 On 2009-12-22 (7343 reads)
Recently, the publishers often accuse us of downloading large amounts of data. Please be aware of the following when downloading electronic journal articles. Please see the following URL for details: 1) Systematic downloading using programs or downloading-assistance software is not allowed under any circumstances.  Even if you use these kinds of software only once, the publisher can deny access to electronic journals. 2) What does high-volume downloading mean? Actually, with regard to scope, there is no set number of allowable downloads.  The standard of allowable downloading depends on publishers or associations. In addition, publishers can accuse us of continuous downloading even if you download manually.  So, please try to select which articles you wish to download carefully. The following publishers strictly prohibit from excessive downloading.  ・ACS(American Chemical Society)  ・AIP(American Institute of Physics)  ・Annual Review So, please use electronic journals carefully. For example, downloading 100 articles within 40 minutes will caused a publisher to deny access. [Kyoto University Library Network]