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Important News about Major Library System Upgrade

 On 2012-08-19 (6022 reads)
1) Kyoto University Online Catalog, KULINE, will be upgraded from Aug 20, 2012! Poster

** The new KULINE will enable you to search not only books but also rare books and articles by just choosing tab.
** The refine search will be improved, and you can find the materials you want much faster by using key words, such as the name of a library, a publication year, and so on.
** Book images, contents and outlines will be also displayed on the new KULINE so that you can gain much more information beforehand.
** MyKULINE will become much more convenient for you.

   The new KULINE will have many other features. Further information and the new URL will be updated soon.

       The new URL

2) Library Network Service will be not available while the system update. Thank you for your co-operation.
** Services not available:KULINE (OPAC), MyKULINE, Library Online Services, Electronic Library (Rare Materials Exhibition)
** Closed period:10pm August 16 to 9am August 20
  For further information;

3) Please ensure to store the information saved in the alert service you have registered
before as the new KULINE will not take it over.

The URL was changed. Please replace the old URL by the new one if you register the URL of KULINE in the bookmark or favorite menu on your PC.

We hope you will enjoy the new, upgraded KULINE.
Contact : KULINE Services WG
E-mail :