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[Caution] Bibliographic management software's setting of authentication information

 On 2015-04-14 (3358 reads)
To those who are using a bibliographic management software, such as EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero, Papers, etc, which allows you to create a database of references that you can use to keep track of your reading and to create references when you write:

The software you are using may have a setting of authentication information that enables automatic download of PDF files. Please note that you must not set authentication information to Kyoto University's electronic journals.
This is because such a setting may lead to unintended automatic bulk download of PDF files, which publishers prohibit under the terms and conditions.
Please re-check the setting of your bibliographic management software.

[Caution] Bibliographic management software's download function (Library News 2015/03/25)

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