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[Kyoto University Library Network] The drawings of 4 architectures by Josiah Conder newly added

 On 2017-09-28 (4265 reads)
The architectural drawings of four well-known masterpieces by Josiah Conder, are newly available in high definition images in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.

Prof. Ari Ide of the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, first digitized the architectural drawings as part of his research project in 2007 and donated the 255 images to Kyoto University Library in 2017. As the original images were created by dividing each material into several sections, we combined them into 110 sheets of the architectural drawings (114 images).

Architectural Drawings by Josiah Conder, Important Cultural Property (Dep. Eng.)
東京復活大聖堂(ニコライ堂): Drawing of Octagonal Wrot_Iron Dome Frame for Tokyo Japan(RB00021520)
唯一館: Unitarian Hall(now building) Tokyo,Japan(RB00021521)
三井家倶楽部: Mitsui Villa Mita Koyama(RB00021522)
山県邸: Coutry Villa Annex for Prince Yamagata at Odawara Plan and Elevation(RB00021523)