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[Main Library] Book delivery service for KU members

 On 2020-06-05 (5480 reads)

 The Main Library will start the book delivery service for KU members.
 If your enrollment period is the end of March, please apply by March 17.
 Please note that applications after March 18 will be cancelled.

  • Period: June 8 until further notice
  • Users: KU members who live outside Kyoto City and
    KU members who can not come to the library for health reasons
  • Items:Books from the open shelves and the stack rooms and Journals
    *Books bound in traditional Japanese styles can not be borrowed.
    *Some items might not be borrowed depends on the material conditions.

    [Application process]
    Users can apply for the service through MyKULINE.
    Please refer to the following websites for details:


    • As for the numbers of items users can borrow, please refer to the following website:
      [Main Library] Library Service after May 8 (Borrowing for KU Members ONLY)
    • When entering request information, please write in "3. Notes" section the message: “Book delivery service.” and fill in your address including apartment name and room number.
    • It will take about a week to process your request.
    • The library waives delivery charge (one-way).
    • Users who can not access to MyKULINE, feel free to contact us by email below:
      Online Services WG (Circulation)
      ※Please replace (at) with @