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[Main Library] You can study in the Library Hall and the Workshop Room during the examination period (January 11 - February 7)

 On 2023-01-06 (973 reads)

The Library Hall will be available as a study room and the Workshop Room will be available as a "Temporary Silent Area" during the examination period.

Period : From January 11 to February 7, 2023    

Opening hours :   Weekdays 9am ~ 9pm
        January 14(Sat), 15(Sun), February 4(Sat) and 5(Sun)  10am ~ 6.30pm
        January 21(Sat), 22(Sun), 28(Sat) and 29(Sun) 10am ~ 9pm

* The Silent Area will be changed to the general study room.
* The "Temporary Silent Area" in the Workshop Room is designated as a place of intensive study, in complete silence.
   Devices that emit sounds, such as PCs, desk calculators and earphones may not be used here.

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