[Library Network] Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for E-Resources

 On 2024-03-01 (81 reads)

Use of electronic resources including databases, e-journals and e-books subscribed by Kyoto University is subject to copyright laws and licence agreements.
The licences generally prohibit the following uses:

  • Systematic and programmatic download
  • Usage beyond the private purpose
  • Reproducing and distributing

Violation of the licence agreements may result in the suspension of access to e-resources for the whole University. Please be aware that access may also be blocked on a per-user basis due to the authentication system.

There have been frequent recent occurrences of users unintentionally downloading or accessing large volumes of data using pre-read browser functions.

Pre-read browser functions continually access links within pages in the background while pages are being viewed. As a result of this, large volume data downloads or large volume access of which the user is unaware may occur, even if the user intends to use electronic journals in the standard way.

We request your cooperation in disabling these functions by making the below changes to your browser settings.


  • Electronic Journal "Excessive Access" Recent Case: It happens without any intention!!(PDF)[Flier]

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Posted: 2024/03/01


[Main Library] To those who will leave Kyoto University in March

 On 2024-02-26 (99 reads)

・Those who would like to order documents from other universities (photocopy, loan), please apply by Wednesday, 6 March.
・Those who have borrowed books from other universities, the deadline for returning them is Wednesday, 20 March.
・Those who haven't received or paid yet, you should do so as soon as you can.
・If you will be enrolled after April, please indicate that in the comments on your application.

*This news is for users of Kyoto University Main Library.
*The deadline differs for libraries other than the main library. Please check with each library for details.

[Infomation Service Section, Kyoto University Library]


[Library Network] Library Career Forum (Mar. 1)

 On 2024-02-22 (237 reads)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


[Maintenance] Response delays or planned network outages in the Library service due to hosting service maintenance (18 Feb 09:00-11:00)

 On 2024-02-14 (677 reads)

Due to maintenance of the hosting service used by the library service,
10-30 second response delay or planned network outages will occur on the following dates and times.
If you have any work that has failed during the maintenance period, we kindly ask you to perform the same work again.

Maintenance date and time: 2024/02/18 (Sun) 09:00 ~ 11:00

Services affected:

Library system
Kyoto University Library Network Websites
Kyoto University Repository KURENAI, KURENAI Deposit System

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 361 items from the Kikutei Collection have been newly digitized and released

 On 2024-02-14 (280 reads)

361 items from the Kikutei Collection have been newly digitized and released.

Kikutei Collection is an assembly of manuscripts and books handed down through the Kikutei Family founded by Kanesue (1281-1339; 兼季), the forth son of Sanekane Saionji (1249-1322; 西園寺実兼). The Kikutei (Imadegawa) Family was designated one of the highest status court families called the Seiga (清華) family which members can be appointed as Daijō-daijin (太政大臣) and served as biwa (Japanese lute) players. The collection includes many records of the court rituals, documents on music and instruments, and diaries hand-written by nobles.
The collection deposited in 1921 and 1923 and additional documents and scrolls of portraits related to the Kikutei Family were donated to the Main Library, Kyoto University by the owner of the collection and were formally registered as the holdings of the library in January 2021.

▼Kikutei Collection

This time, 361 items from the collection have been newly digitized and released. These include "今出川家歴代履歴", a records of the Kikutei Family, and "伊勢外宮正遷宮", "春日祭次第", "禁中年中行事", records of rituals.



The digitization of rare materials released this time was conducted under the "Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts" by the National Institute of Japanese Literature in which Kyoto University Library participates.

As of February 14, 2024, the Digital Archive provides 2,092,303 images of 25,157 titles.


▼Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
361 items from the Kikutei Collection have been newly digitized and released


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 262 items from Zokyo Shoin Collection have been newly digitized and released

 On 2024-02-09 (487 reads)

Zokyo Shoin Collection held by the Main Library consists of Buddhist sutras and books collected from the archives of temples by a publisher in Kyoto.
Among these, 262 items from Zokyo Shoin-bon have been newly digitized and released.

大佛頂如來密因修證了義諸菩薩萬行首楞嚴經合論 十卷

大佛頂如來密因修證了義諸菩薩萬行首楞嚴經合論 十卷

The digitization of part of Zokyo Shoin Collection is supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (23HP8002).

▼Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
262 items from Zokyo Shoin Collection have been newly digitized and released


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 311 items from the Kyō-ō Gokokuji Documents held by the Kyoto University Museum have been newly released

 On 2024-02-08 (430 reads)

The Kyō-ō Gokokuji Documents (monjo) were discovered by Toshihide Akamatsu in the treasure house of Toji Temple in 1937. After the war, Kyoto University borrowed, organized and transcribed them. In 1968, they were given to Kyoto University. In 1971, these documents designated as a National Important Cultural Property. The collection consists of 3043 documents that date from the Heian period (794-1185) through the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568-1600).

This time, images of 311 of these documents has been newly released.

▼The Kyoto University Museum - Kyō-Ō Gokokuji Documents



As of February 8, 2024, the Digital Archive provides 2,021,589 images of 24,534 titles.


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 26 items including Ueno Collection, Thaner Collection and "Le journal de Shanghai" have been newly released

 On 2024-01-31 (773 reads)

26 items from 5 libraries including Ueno Collection, Thaner Collection and "Le journal de Shanghai" have been newly released on the Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.

For the list of the items released this time, Please see the news page below.

▼Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive
26 items including Ueno Collection, Thaner Collection and "Le journal de Shanghai" have been newly released


【Library Network : for faculty members】Request for recommendations of eBooks for student use in first semester AY2024

 On 2024-01-29 (596 reads)

※Recommendation form was closed. Thank you for a lot of eBooks recommendations. (March 1, 2024)

The Kyoto University Library Network provides students with eBooks for lectures and their studies.

We would like to ask for your recommendations of eBooks that you think would be useful for students in first semester AY2024.

Persons eligible to make recommendations

All Kyoto University faculty members (Including part-time lecturers)

eBooks eligible for recommendation

・eBooks that will be used for liberal arts and sciences (ILAS) courses in AY 2024, or that will be useful for students taking those courses.

・eBooks that will be used in undergraduate courses in AY 2024, or that will be useful for students taking those courses.

・eBooks that would be useful for undergraduate students studying at home.

*We will purchase books listed in syllabus of ILAS course sequentially. If you need eBook version, please make recommendation from the recommendation form. Not limited to first semester lectures.

* We cannot purchase eBooks which are not sold to academic institutions. Please refer to the list of titles which are sold to academic institutions at the URL below:


eBooks ineligible for recommendation

・Complete works, journals (including back numbers), newspapers

・Study guide, workbooks, self-help books and books of hobbies and practical use

・eBooks that extra costs will be charged next year (ex: contract maintenance fee, platform usage fee) 

How to make a recommendation

Recommendation form was closed. Thank you for a lot of eBooks recommendations. Please use  the recommendation form.

*If you wish to recommend more than one, please enter the titles in order of priority.

 *eBooks purchased will generally only be accessible by one user at a time.

Deadline for recommendations

From January 29th, 2024 to February 29th, 2024.

*We will proceed with the purchase procedure in the order of recommendation acceptance in consideration of the budget situation.

Estimated date of availability

・eBooks will be available sequentially from mid-February. Please check KULINE of their availability.

*The recommender will be informed only in the case if the recommended eBooks will not be able to be purchased.


Acquisition and Cataloging Section, Kyoto University Library

Email: shiryoseibi660 [@] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

For reference

・Titles which are already owned by Kyoto University can be searched via KULINE.

・List of titles which are available to academic institutions

Titles are sorted by platform and classified by type. Please use the classifications to narrow down the lists. Some titles are provided in multiple platforms

*Please note that the files are large, so downloading them may require some time.

*Due to the large size of the files, they may not be viewable on some smartphones and tablets.

[Japanese books] (Excel, approx. 25MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the Maruzen eBook Library

・List2  Provided by the KinoDen

・Includes some non-Japanese books

[Non-Japanese books 1] 

(Excel, approx. 9.8MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the Brill, the Cambridge, the Oxford, the Taylor & Francis, the Wiley, the World Scientific(titles published after 2018 only)

[Non-Japanese books 2] 

(Excel, approx. 93MB)

On-campus access only

・List1  Provided by the ProQuest eBook Central(titles published after 2018 only)

・Includes some Japanese books

・ All lists are last updated on July 2023.

・ Although the number of eBooks available to academic institutions is smaller than the number available to individuals, it still comprises a very large number of titles. The lists include only a partial selection of the eBooks that are available, so please do not hesitate to recommend eBooks that are not included in the lists, and we will check their availability.  

Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated. Your recommendations help us to enhance our eBook collection, and will also be used as reference when requesting publishers to provide digital versions of their books.


[Library Network]Participation Request for Kyoto University Libraries User Survey for the Academic Year 2023

 On 2024-01-25 (892 reads)

Please participate in the Kyoto University Libraries User Survey for the Academic Year 2023.

Kyoto University Library Network will be conducting a user survey as outlined below.
We sincerely invite you to share your opinions on this occasion.
Participants (excluding faculty and staff) will have the chance to win fantastic prizes through a lottery.

[Implementation Period]
January 25 – February 29, 2024

[Survey Participants]
Individuals affiliated with Kyoto University and possessing an ECS-ID or SPS-ID

[Implementation Method]
Access the survey form from your computer, smartphone, or other devices and respond.
Survey Form (Google Forms)

* You need to log in to the Kyoto University authentication system.
For information regarding your account, please refer to this link.
* If you cannot log in, please inquire through the contact form below.
Institute for Information Management and Communication (IIMC) Inquiries
* The estimated time required is approximately 7 minutes.

[Prizes] (Total of 10 individuals)
・Wireless Earphones (worth 25,000 yen)...One individual
・Amazon Gift Card (Box Type, 5,000 yen)...Two individuals
・Quo Card (3,000 yen)...Three individuals
・Kyoto University President's Curry...Four individuals

* Prizes are subject to change without notice.


User Support Division, Main Library
Suggestion Box