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<Main Campus>
01Main LibraryMain Library
04Letters Library1st Basement, The new building of Faculty of Letters
041Laj3rd Floor, Faculty of Letters East Bldg.
05EducationWest End of the 1st Floor, Building of Faculty of Education
06Law2nd Floor, Faculty of Law and Economics North Bldg.
07Economics1st Floor, Faculty of Law and Economics North Bldg.
08Econ. Res. Office1st Basement, Faculty of Law and Economics East Bldg.
31Eng. Chem. (Yoshida)5th Floor, Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg.
32Eng. Elec. (Yoshida)4th Floor, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3 (Lecture Hall)
33Eng. Arch. (Yoshida)East End, 1st Floor, Research Bldg. No.5
34Eng. Global (Yoshida)Room W204, 2nd Floor, East Bldg. of Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3
35Eng. Phys. (Yoshida)Room 123, 1st Floor, Faculty of Engineering Depts. Bldg.
53JinbunRoom 203, 2nd Floor, Research Bldg. No.4
55EnergyRoom 312, 3th Floor, Research Bldg. No.11
56InformaticsRoom 428, 4th Floor, Research Bldg. No.8
57GES [Chikyu Kankyo]1st Floor, Research Bldg. No.5
58ACCMS [Media]3rd Floor, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (North Bldg.)
59EPRC [Kankyo Kagaku]Room 222, 2nd Floor, Research Bldg. No.2
63KIER [Keiken]Room 209, 2nd Floor, Institute of Economic Research
71ASAFAS [Asia]Room AA421, 4th Floor, Research Bldg. No.2