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New Features in the Library Catalog (Kyoto University Doctoral Dissertations)

 On 2012-08-24 (5424 reads)

In the new Kyoto University Online Catalog(KULINE), you can search the doctoral dissertation.In addition, the following features have added.

  • You can search various materials together with the dissertation.
    From the authors name or article title, you are now able to search together not only dissertation but also books, serials, e-books and e-journals.

    In addition to the dissertation of Mr. Yu Fujikawa, you can search atonce, such as books and serials.
    ※As usual, you can also search for only dissertation.

  • You can see the Kyoto University Research Information Repository.
    From the search results, you can see Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI).
    You can access the text and the abstract of the dissertation published in the KURENAI.

    ※Dissertation since 2000 are available(As of August 23, 2012) . We are going to do the maintenance data back in the future.

  • You can see the information of the book, which was submitted as dissertation.
    From the search results, you can see the title, holdingslist,etc.

    This feature is limitted to the book which is in the Kyoto University Library collection.

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