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The E-Journal and Database Authentication System will change (11/24/2015-12/14/2015)

 On 2015-11-20 (6822 reads)


Due to the contract between publishers and Kyoto University, access to e-journals and databases is restricted exclusively to members of Kyoto University by the E-Journal and Database Authentication System, which requires you to log in with your ECS-ID/SPS-ID to use the services.


The system will undergo a phased change to a new “Shibboleth authentication” mechanism as follows:

  •  November 24, 2015 Part of the domains of e-resources will be moved to a new system.
  •  December 14, 2015. The change will be completed.

[What’s “Shibboleth authentication”?]
Newly installed Shibboleth authentication is based on a single sign-on system that enables you to be logged in on multiple services by entering your ID and password only once.