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【Kyoto University Library Network】Let's go on "Library Walk" April 2 - May 17

 On 2019-03-25 (749 reads)


Let's visit Kyoto University Libraries & Museum to collect 5 stamps or more and win the prize!

… Duration …

April 2(Tue.) - May 17(Fri.) 2019

… How to take part in …

Step 1 Map

Get the Kyoto University Libraries Map
at the libraries and the museum.

Step 2 Stamp

Visit the libraries and the museum
to collect five stamps or more.

Step 3 Goal

Get the prize at the goal point!
We give you an library original microfiber cleaning cloth!


… Libraries and Museum …

Main Library, Yoshida-South Library
Selective (3 or more)
Letters, Law, Economics, Education, 6 Engineering Libraries, Science, Agriculture, Medical, Pharmacy, Museum

… Goal …

Main Library or Yoshida-South Library
 (9 AM to 5 PM on Weekdays)

… Contact …

User Support Section Tel 075-753-2636 Email ref660 [at]