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[Library Network] Symposium "Current Developments of Open Citations and Institutional Repository"

 On 2019-04-08 (7055 reads)

Date and Time: May 20 (Monday) 1:30 - 5:00 p.m.(Reception 13:00-)

Venue: Library Hall (Kyoto University Library)

 13:30-1335     “Opening”, Hiroyuki Matsui (Deputy Director, Kyoto Univ. Library and Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto Univ.)
 13:35-1345     “Introduction to the event”(In Japanese), Yumi Kitamura (Associate Professor, Kyoto Univ. Library)
 13:45-1415     “The current status of Open Access and Open Citation in Japan(In Japanese), Chifumi Nishioka (Assistant Professor, Kyoto Univ. Library) / Video(KYOTO-U OCW)
 14:15-15:45     “Open Citations 101 : Historical Background and Current Developments(In English) (with consecutive interpretation), Silvio Peroni (co-founder of I4OC and Senior Assistant Professor, Univ. of Bologna) / Video(KYOTO-U OCW)
 15:45-16:00     Break
 16:00-16:30     Commentary “Influence of Open Citation on scholarly communication and towards promoting Open Citation in Japan(In Japanese), Sho Sato (Associate Professor, Doshisha Univ.) / Video(KYOTO-U OCW)
 16:30-17:00     Q & A (with consecutive interpretation)
 17:00                Closing
 17:30-19:00     Reception