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[Uji Library] Wanted! "Book hunting "(until Nov 22th)

 On 2019-11-07 (2738 reads)

! Only students on the Uji campus !

Uji Library "Book hunting" 2019

It is a plan to select "Books you want to put in Uji Library" at the bookstore.
For example, "I want to enrich my specialized books and nearfields" ,
and "I want to check new publications and basic books" . . . etc...
Only students on the Uji campus can participate.

Please select books for student research and learning on the Uji campus.
(literary books etc. are excluded from the subject)

Date: One Day (Weekday) in December 2 (Mon.)-December 19 (Thu.), 2019
           14:30-16:30 (meet and dismiss at the Maruzen).

Place: Maruzen Kyoto Main Store
            Keihan Obaku - Sanjo Keihan pays round-trip transportation expenses
             (excluding commuter pass range)

How to apply: Apply from the form on the Uji library website
Qualification: Students engaged in research at the Uji Campus
The closing day for applications: November 22, 2019 (Friday) 17:00
(In case of too many applicants, the participants are determined in consideration of the Faculty, subject, etc...)

Book hunting on Web will be held at the same time.

Contact: Uji Library
E-mail: ujibunkan[at]  ([at] => @)
TEL: 0774-38-3010