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【Yoshida-South Library】Partially open for limited service.

 On 2020-05-07 (1623 reads)

--Offering limited services at YSL--

This is to inform you of "Library service at Yoshida-South Library”.
Due to the current situation of COVID-19, we offer limited services as follows.

Temporarily closure of all our services from 7th to the 10th of May.
We will be resuming limited service from the 11th of May,The process is as follows.

We offer

1. Lending service for KU members

We start the book delivery service. Books borrowed from YSL,will now be sent to the applicant home.Only books from our Open and Closed stacks will be available to be lend out.
You can borrow books of YSL and receive them at your home. Only books at open stacks and closed stacks are available.
The books which have the status below are not available;

Missing/ Repair/ On hold shelf/ On loan/ Unknown/ In process

The books where it is located in “Laboratory” are not available.
It will take about a week to process your request.
To facilitate the distribusion process, we will also be introducing a pick up service, through a form filling process.
The another option is to request through the form and pick up at YSL also available.
Please refer to the form;

◆Apply to borrow books


2.Service for Faculty members.

For teachers of KU who need the books of YSL to preparing their lessons.
If teachers belong to KU needs the books of YSL, please apply on the form;

◆Application form for faculty members

Teachers must apply for it at least 3 bussiness days prior to the date you come to the library.


3.Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loans service for Yosida-South campus members

The service might be delayed due to the situation of other university libraries.


4.Providing Reserving Books and Book Purchase Request Books

We will ask your delivery preference by email after we are ready to handle them.


5.Past entrance exam problems/questions collection of the Graduate School

For more details, ask us by email.


6.Finding Theses/Dessertations

For more details, ask us by email.


7.Membership registration for Yosida-South campus members

Yosida-South campus members who do not have a student card or a KU IC card can resister for library cards by email. Please fill in the following application form and attach the data with the copy of your Notice of Employment issued by Kyoto University.

Note: Due to our the change of our working shift, the processing might be delay or not be able to meet your demands.


[Notice of Due date and returning books]

You can renew the due date again by using your MyKULINE.
When the book has been requested from others, it will not extended the due date.
Please return the book to our Book Shute or by post*.

*Set the delivery timezone from 9am to 5pm / Use package cushioning materials
/ Write "library books" on the invoice / At your expense

Contact address;

Yoshida-Nihonmatsu, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501
Please feel free to contact us for any further enquiry.
Email : a30yslib(at)
※Please replace (at) with @
Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays