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[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: New post on our website: How to make rare materials open access

 On 2021-03-25 (2429 reads)

It is one of Kyoto University Library Network's missions to securely preserve the rare book and manuscript collections Kyoto University holds and provide them for the use of researchers, in order to support academic research and contribute to society. As a means to share the information described in these rare materials more widely, Library Network has been digitizing them and making the data available on the internet.

Following are the steps of digitizing rare materials for public use on the Internet.

・Preliminary checking
・Restoration of damage
・Digital photo-taking
・Compilation of metadata
・Release on the Internet (Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive)
・Free reuse of digital images

The new website page introduces the above-mentioned steps with photographs. We hope this will attract your interest.