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[Library Network] KULINE RareBooks Search Renewal

 On 2021-09-15 (1860 reads)

KULINE RareBooks Search has been renewed.

KULINE RareBooks Search


What is KULINE RareBooks Search?

It is a part of Kyoto University Libraries Online Catalogue “KULINE.”

Using RareBooks Search, you can search for digitized rare materials (some materials which have not yet digitized are included).
In addition, you can browse a list of materials by holding library or collection (only Main Library).
In Advanced Search, you can narrow the search by specific criteria; manuscripts/printed book (*1), language (*2) and so on.

*1) Choose “写” (manuscript) or “刊” (printed book) in Additional Photography book field.
*2) Choose Language in Language code field.


What’s new?

Interface was entirely re-design, and “Pick-up” information was newly added.
In Pick-up, rare materials gathered by theme are introduced. Each title links to Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.


Library Planning Section, Library Planning Division, Main Library
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