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[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 12titles including 西夏文華嚴經 and 万国人物図 have been newly released

 On 2022-02-04 (1737 reads)

Xi xia wen hua yan jing (西夏文華嚴經) is a Tangut translation of the Da fang guang fo hua yan jing (大方廣佛華嚴經). Of the 80 volumes, Kyoto University holds volumes 1-5 and 41 in the Graduate School of Letters, and volumes 6-10 and 36 in the Institute for Research in Humanities. Volumes 6-10 and 36 are available at the database 東方學デジタル圖書館, and volumes 1-5 and 41 are now available in the Rare Materials Digital Archive.

xi xia wen hua yan jing

“西夏文華嚴經” volume 1


In addition, 10 titles of "Bankoku Jinbutsu zu (万国人物図)", held by the Main Library and the Graduate School of Letters are now available. The "Bankoku jnbutsu zu" is a generic term for illustrated books of ethnography published in the Edo period that depict the characteristics of people around the world. Shijūnikoku jinbutsu zusetsu (四十二国人物図説, Manuscripts from Konoe Collection) by Nisikawa Joken (西川如見), Kaigai jinbutsushū (海外人物輯), Kaigai shotō zusetsu kaisei (海外諸島圖説 改正), Gaiban yōbō zue (外蕃容貌圖画), and other titles were published. It show the changes of the worldviews in early modern Japan.

Bankoku Jinbutsu zu

Left: Great Ming from “四十二国人物図説”
Center: Dutch ship from “異國人物帖”
Right: Dutch people from “異國人物帖”


Using Mirador, an IIIF viewer, you can view multiple images side by side.


Mirador (Left: “四十二国人物図説”, Right: “四十二國人物圖”)


CollectionRecord IDTitleAuthorCall No
G.S. LettersRB00033348 [西夏文華嚴經] (存5巻) 東洋史:CXIII/S/17/貴重
G.S. LettersRB00033349 [西夏文華嚴經 卷41] 東洋史:CXIII/S/11/貴重
G.S. LettersRB00033350 異國人物帖 地理:L3/436/貴重
G.S. LettersRB00033351 外蕃容貌圖画田川春道撰, 倉田東岳画地理:J6/2
Main Library (Konoe Collection)RB00008851 四十二国人物図説西川忠英(如見, 求林斎, 淵梅軒)志5-80/シ/1貴

Main Library (Muroga Collection)

RB00033341 世界萬國日本ヨリ海上里數国印王城人物圖 室賀/YG/19/2-24
Main Library (Muroga Collection)RB00033344 畫本異國一覽 3巻春光園花丸 [著]室賀/G/87/和1
Main Library (Muroga Collection)RB00033345 海外諸島圖説 改正 後集蠖屈陳人 [撰], 柳川重信畫室賀/GA/71/和2

Main Library (Non-rare Materials)

RB00033342 萬國人物盡假名垣魯文譯, 一孟齋芳虎画4-41/ハ/3
Main Library (Non-rare Materials)RB00033343 萬國人物圖繪魯文譯, 芳虎画4-41/ハ/4
Main Library (Non-rare Materials)RB00033346 四十二國人物圖 8-40/シ/1/巻別
Main Library (Non-rare Materials)RB00033347 海外人物輯永田南溪所藏, 一光齊畫5-88/カ/6


As of February 4, 2022, the Digital Archive provides 1,669,087 images of 20,582 titles.