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[Library Network]“THE TETSUGAKU KENKYU” is available on KURENAI (since 1916, over 600 volumes)

 On 2022-05-24 (3471 reads)

The Journal of Philosophical Studies : The Tetsugaku Kenkyu, the official journal of The Kyoto Philosophical Society, is now available on Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI).

The Journal of Philosophical Studies : The Tetsugaku Kenkyu

The Tetsugaku Kenkyu was first published in 1916, and is one of the most long-established academic philosophical journals in Japan. Nishida Kitarō, Tomonaga Sanjūrō and other faculty member from the pioneer days of the Department of Philosophy, the College of Letters of Kyoto Imperial University were involved in the launch. Over 600 volumes from the first issue (April 1916) are now available on KURENAI, and newer issues will be added with a 1-year delay. We hope this will be helpful for lots of researchers in this area.

[Academic Support Section, Kyoto University Library]