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[Katsura Library] The opening hours will be extended until 21:00 from June 1, 2022

 On 2022-05-27 (999 reads)

In June 1, 2022, the Katsura Library will expand their services as follows. For details, please see here.

From Wednesday, June 1, 2022, we will extend the opening time to 21 o'clock.

・The hours of services provided at the counter are as follows. ( will also be accepted by e-mail or form).

 9:00‐16:45 Reference(Q&A)
       Visiting Other Library Application Form
       Dissertation-Requires prior reservation
       Rare Books-Requires prior reservation

 9:00-20:30 Reception for the Group Study Rooms Application Form
       Reception for the Theater Room Application Form
       Retrieval service (library staff pickup the materials from the Stack Rooms)

 9:00-20:45 Use of the Group Study Rooms and the Theater Room

■The way of entering and leaving the library after 17 o'clock

・Entering and leaving the library after 17 o'clock is possible only from the IC certification door (next to the automatic door) on the second floor.

・Please do not forget to bring your "certified IC card (student card, staff card)" to enter and leave the library.

・【2nd floor automatic door】 and 【1st floor IC certification door】 are closed after 17 o'clock.

※If you have only the "Kyoto University Library Card (magnetic card)" or the "Facilities Use Card" issued on the Katsura Campus, please click here.

Katsura Library
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