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【eBook】Maruzen eBook Library User's Guide and Notes

 On 2024-04-18 (4354 reads)

Please read the following User's Guide and Notes before using the Maruzen eBook Library.

*Violation of the terms of use may result in restrictions on the use of the entire Kyoto University.

■User's Guide & Notes■

The following actions are prohibited.

  • Downloading more than the maximum number of pages displayed on the "Print/Save" screen.
  • Downloading more than the maximum number of pages in a single title by multiple persons jointly.
  • Using downloaded files for purposes other than the downloader's own research or study.
  • Sharing downloaded files within a laboratory, company, seminar, group, etc., or transferring, distributing, or redistributing them to a third party.
  • Reproducing or modifying the file in other media without the permission of the copyright holder.

For more information: (Japanese)

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