[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Main Library's materials including "Portrait of Hakuseki Arai" newly released

 On 2019-06-06 (332 reads)

Three new materials including "portrait of Hakuseki Arai" and Korean classics are now available in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive. Detailed description about the items are also added to more than 7,000 records.

As of June 6, 2019, the Digital Archive provides 1,158,869 images of 13,525 titles.

RB00025174白石新井君美先生肖像 / 高岱賛, 水野徳方書Muroga Collection室賀/YR/2/和1960830331軸 ; 84cm
RB00023215經世遺表 / 丁若鏞(1762-1836) 撰Kawai Collection河合文庫/ケ/1519366811冊 : 四周雙邊 半郭 18.8×12.8cm, 有界, 10行22字 ; 24.1×15.4cm
RB00025175經世遺表 / 丁若鏞(1762-1836) 撰Kawai Collection河合文庫/ケ/151936684冊(45丁, 19丁, 56丁, 72丁) : 24.1×15.7cm




[Maintenance] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive (June 4, 2019)

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Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive will suspend its service due to the system maintenance from 9:30am, June 4, 2019.
The service will be restored as soon as the maintenance work has been completed.
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Service restored - [Maintenance] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive (from 10:00am, Friday, April 5, 2019)

 On 2019-04-05 (493 reads)

The Maintenance work was completed (11:10am, April 5, 2019) and the service has been restored.

Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive will suspend its service due to the system maintenance for approximately one hour from 10:00am, Friday, April 5, 2019.
The service will be restored as soon as the maintenance work has been completed.
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[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Manyoshu, from which Japan's new era name Reiwa is derived, is available in the Digital Archive

 On 2019-04-01 (1155 reads)

Japan's new era name Reiwa is derived from a poem in “Manyoshu”, the oldest existing compilation of Japanese poetry.
See the image of "Manyoshu" in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive!




[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Illustrated plans regarding the accessions of the Emperors from Nakai Collection newly digitized and released

 On 2019-03-29 (908 reads)

Four illustrated plans regarding the accessions of the Emperors from "Gishiki-nobu", Nakai Collection held by Kyoto University Main Library have been digitized and become available in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive. As of March 29, 2019, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive has 1,157,922 images of 13,522 titles.

Nakai Collection is a collection of materials passed down through the Nakai family, Tokugawa Government's master carpenter family in Kyoto, including the plans of Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle, Shimogamo Shrine and other shrines and temples, concerning documents and maps. These are categorized in sections such as “Kinri-no-bu” (Imperial Court), “Bakufu-no-bu” (Tokugawa Government), “Shaji-no-bu” (shrines and temples), “Chiri-no-bu” (maps) and Gishiki-no-bu” (ceremonies).


The materials publicized this time, included in “Gishiki-no-bu”, are illustrated plans regarding the accessions of Emperor Sakurammachi (r. 1735-1747) [RB00025164, RB00025165] and Empress Gosakuramachi (r. 1762-1771) [RB00025166, B00025167] during the Edo Period. In particular, Kyouhou nijuu kinotou no toshi juuichigatsu mikka gosokui toushou touka kazari gokisiki no zu narabini seiryouden reifuku goran zu” (享保二十乙卯歳十一月三日御即位堂上堂下飾御規式之圖并於清涼殿禮服御覧圖) demonstrates Takamikura (Imperial throne), protecting four Gods of Genbu (Black Tortoise), Seiryu (Azure Dragon), Suzaku (Vermilion Bird) and Byakko (White Tiger), and attending courtiers, all of them so colorfully and finely depicted. The digitization of these has been realized thanks to the support from donors to Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund.

The new emperor will ascend to the throne on March 1, 2019. On this occasion, why don’t you have a moment to reflect on what our ancestors have passed down to us so lively preserved in historical documents.

Gishiki-no-bu (ceremonies), Nakai Collection

Digitization Project and Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund

Large-sized illustrated plans are digitized by using a no-contact, ultra-high resolution scanner. The scanner runs over a plan along the frame set around it, producing strips of digital images, which are then merged into one entire image.


When investigating large-sized folded plans or maps, we need to prepare a proper area to unfold it safely and be cautious not to put too much pressure on them. On the other hand, digital images are easy to handle with a viewer that enables zooming in or out, or jumping to different sections. Kyoto University Library Network is promoting the digitization of rare materials in order to secure the long-term preservation and the wider use of them at the same time, while respecting the importance for researchers to investigate original materials.

In order to advance our digitization project, we launched “Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund” as a special purpose fund of Kyoto University Fund in June 2018.

We hope to contribute to the promotion of academic research and the development of education and culture by digitizing the rare materials, a common property of society, handed down to our generation and making them available to the world, while preserving the original materials for future generations.



[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Museum's historical documents and Main Library's Buddhism Collection newly released

 On 2019-03-27 (566 reads)

10 Japanese historical documents held by the Kyoto University Museum and the Main Library’s Buddhism Collection “Nichizo-bon (unpublished), Zokyo Shoin Collection” 595 items have been newly released. As of March 27, 2019, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides 1,157,908 images of 13,518 titles.

Japanese Historical Documents held by the Kyoto University Museum

The Kyoto University Museum has approximately 2.6 million objects, among which a number of historically important manuscripts and documents are included. Ten items restored by the university’s restoration project, including letters by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Hidetada Tokugawa as well as the portrait of Mitsunaga Ogasawara, have been newly released.

▼The Kyoto University Museum

Nichizo-bon (unpublished), Zokyo Shoin Collection held by the Main Library

Zokyo Shoin Collection consists of Buddhist sutras and books collected from the archives of temples by a publisher in Kyoto, Zokyo Shoin and is categorized in four sections: “Zokyo Shoin-bon”, “Nichizo-bon (published)”, “Nichizo-bon (unpublished)” and “Shinshu-bon”. Among these, 595 items from “Nichizo-bon (unpublished)” have been newly digitized and released.

Nichizo-bon (unpublished) is composed of the books on Japanese Buddhism collected for a planned but unrealized sequel to Nihon Daizokyo, a Zokyo in 48 volumes compiled in Japan including writings by more than 300 Japanese Buddhists. The collection includes writings by Buddhist priests of great learning of every Japanese Buddhist sect.

▼Nichizo-bon (unpublished), Zokyo Shoin Collection


Ogasawara Mitsunaga zou


Ganzan daishi hyakusen wakai


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 121 titles incl. "Genji monogatari" (Saga-bon) newly released

 On 2019-03-01 (1558 reads)

The total of 121 titles - 33 titles held by the Main Library, including Genji monogatari (Saga-bon), and 88 titles held by the branch and departmental libraries are now newly released in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.
As of March 1, 2019, Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive has 1,121,569 images of 12,913 titles.

Genji monogatari (Saga-bon) Kamo gonaijin kiguzu Sashuu kingin saisei zenzu

Record ID Title Author Collection Call Number
RB00013103 増禅林集句韻 瓢庵山人守仙著 Other Rare Materials 4-06/ソ/1貴
RB00013509 (増補)類題和歌集 21巻 後水尾天皇勅撰 Other Rare Materials 4-23/ル/1貴別
RB00013163 源氏物語 紫式部著 Other Rare Materials 4-30/ケ/1貴
RB00013165 源氏物語 巻1-3欠 紫式部著 Other Rare Materials 4-30/ケ/3貴
RB00013168 狭衣 4巻(各上下)   Other Rare Materials 4-30/サ/2貴
RB00013233 水滸伝 100巻 [(元)施耐庵]著 Other Rare Materials 4-45/ス/1貴
RB00013265 国史姓名譜 14巻 飯田(源)忠彦著 Other Rare Materials 5-03/コ/1貴
RB00013269 古事記伝 巻1-20,22-44(欠巻21) 本居宣長撰・栗田(藤原)土満写 Other Rare Materials 5-05/コ/1貴
RB00013278 三鏡(大鏡・増鏡・水鏡) 大鏡8巻,増鏡10巻,水鏡3巻   Other Rare Materials 5-06/サ/1貴
RB00013279 平治物語 巻上(下巻欠)   Other Rare Materials 5-06/ヘ/1貴
RB00013280 平治物語 巻中下(上巻欠)   Other Rare Materials 5-06/ヘ/2貴
RB00013297 史記評林 序目1巻,首1巻,130巻,附1巻 司馬遷著・淇園朱点・呉興[リョウ]稚隆校・温陵李光縉増補 Other Rare Materials 5-42/シ/1貴
RB00013298 戦国策譚橄 序,附1巻(凡例・姓氏・目録・附録),巻1-2,3下-10(3上欠) [劉向編]・(縉雲)鮑彪校注・(東陽)呉師道重校・(武林)張文?校輯・皆川淇園墨入本 Other Rare Materials 5-42/セ/1貴
RB00013303 (木斎家塾)彙纂麗史 48巻   Other Rare Materials 5-46/イ/1貴
RB00013315 古註蒙求 3巻   Other Rare Materials 5-67/コ/1貴
RB00013352 (重刊)経史證類大全本草 31巻 王秋撰・大献、大成校 Other Rare Materials 6-21/ケ/1貴
RB00013354 (重修政和経史)証類備旧本草 30巻 曹孝忠奉勅 Other Rare Materials 6-21/シ/3貴
RB00013356 進貢苗蠻図 清 陳枚画 Other Rare Materials 6-23/シ/1貴
RB00013598 椿譜   Other Rare Materials 8-44/ツ/1貴別
RB00013446 天学初函 (明)李之藻編 Other Rare Materials 10-02/テ/1貴
RB00013458 群書治要 50巻(巻4,13,20欠) (唐)魏徴等奉勅撰 Other Rare Materials 10-04/ク/1貴
RB00020644 1879년 상주삼십필수가초책(上紬三十疋受價草冊)   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//632
RB00025168 1904년 12월 빈전도감(殯殿都監) 자문   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//2275
RB00025169 1904년 12월 빈전도감(殯殿都監) 자문   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//2276
RB00025170 1904년 12월 빈전도감(殯殿都監) 자문   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//2277
RB00025171 1904년 12월 빈전도감(殯殿都監) 자문   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//2278
RB00025172 1904년 12월 빈전도감(殯殿都監)의 차하장(上下状)   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//2279
RB00025173 1902년 5월 면주전(綿紬廛) 보조금(補助金) 영수증   Kawai Collection 河合文庫//R2
RB00009133 賀茂御内陣器具図   Tanimura Collection 1-04/カ/4
RB00009134 白鳥陵御笠殿社由来記 平田篤胤著 Tanimura Collection 1-04/シ/1
RB00009136 神領諸下知状写   Tanimura Collection 1-04/シ/3
RB00009139 遷宮御正体神璽図 岡本清茂編 Tanimura Collection 1-04/セ/2
RB00000169 噎膈胃反論 中川壷山(故其徳)著 Fujikawa Collection イ/14
RB00022905 Carte generale de la Tartarie Chinoise dressee sur les cartes particulieres faites sur les lieux par les RRPP Jesuites et sur les Memoires particulieres du P. Gerbillion par le Sr. d'Anville Yoshida-South Library 292.2/C/2
RB00022904 Imperii Sinarum : nova descriptio   Yoshida-South Library 292.2/I/1
RB00022906 Troisieme partie de la carte d'Asie, contenant la Siberie, et quelques autres parties de la Tartarie : publiee sous les auspices de Monseigneur Louis-Philippe d'Orleans, Duc d'Orleans, Premier Prince du Sang par le Sr. d'Anville Yoshida-South Library 292.9/A/2
RB00022907 Geographica nova ex. Oriente gratiosissima, duabus tabulis specialissimis contenta, quarum una Mare Caspium, altera Kamtzadaliam seu Terram Jedso, curiose exhib?t editore Jo. Bapt. Homann Yoshida-South Library 292.9/G/1
RB00022903 Generalis totius Imperii Russorum : novissima tabula magnam orbis terrarum partem a Polo Arctico usq[sic] ad mare Iaponicum et China Septentrionalis confinia exhibens : cum via Czaricae nuper Legationis ex urbe Moscua per universam Tartariam, ad magnu China Imperatorem : cum privilegio sac. Caaesaria Majestatis   Yoshida-South Library 293.8/H/2
RB00022936 Plates for the Essays on the microscope by George Adams Yoshida-South Library 630/34/三高洋
RB00022935 Gouvernement de la Compagnie des Indes orientales tant en ces provinces que dans les Indes   Yoshida-South Library 678.235/G/2
RB00022908 佐州金銀採製全圖   Yoshida-South Library 750//18/三高和
RB00022934 Works by William Blake : reproduced in facsimile from the original editions   Yoshida-South Library 910/123/三高洋
RB00022911 松浦宏ノ東京大小區分繪圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理:L2/207
RB00022926 東西蝦夷山川地理取調圖 松浦竹四郎著 Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/629/貴重
RB00022909 大日本地圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/691/貴重
RB00022912 相模国図   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/714
RB00022922 嘉永増補改正大和国細見之図 中村敢耳齋 [著] ; 西里佐々木, 雨蕉長谷校 Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/715
RB00022913 関東河々之図   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/718
RB00022915 洛中洛外舊地圖 : 清書下地   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/720
RB00022921 加賀国自浜坂至木場潟沿海古図   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/721
RB00022924 西海舩路 従摂州大坂至 山陽四国西国   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/722
RB00022927 嘉永増補改正大和國細見圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/723
RB00022925 海瀕舟行図(海辺之絵図) 高林直重 [ほか作] Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/730/貴重
RB00022918 [五島之圖]   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/733/貴重
RB00022919 萬國人物圖會   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/734/貴重
RB00022923 四國偏禮繪圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/735/貴重
RB00022910 無人嶌大小八十余山之圖 : 本名小笠原嶋ト云   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/736/貴重
RB00022917 鎌倉繪圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/737/貴重
RB00022920 江戸近旁圖   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/738/貴重
RB00022916 [近江国野洲郡赤野井村小字図]   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/739/貴重
RB00022914 摂津国有馬郡図   Graduate School of Letters 地理研:L1/740/貴重
RB00022937 Acta, inn Sachen so zwischen dem hochloblichen Ritterlichen Teutschen Orden Klageren an einem dann Burgermaistern unnd Raht des H. Reichs Stadt Nurnberg Beklagten andern Theils ...   Graduate School of Law  
RB00022949 Elemens philosophiques du citoyen ... par Thomas Hobbes Graduate School of Law  
RB00022947 Les devoirs des maitres et des domestiques par Claude Fleury Graduate School of Law AII/10-8(5-3)
RB00022948 Les hevres de recreation Loys Gvicciardin Graduate School of Law AII/12-1/Gvic
RB00022943 Projet de code de procedure criminelle pour l'Empire du Japon : accompagne d'un commentaire par Gve Boissonade Graduate School of Law AII/12-9/B
RB00022940 Les six livres de la repvbliqve de Iean Bodin Graduate School of Law AII/2-5
RB00022941 Les six livres de la repvbliqve [de Iean Bodin] Graduate School of Law AII/2-5/Bodi
RB00022956 Maximes of reason: or, The reason of the common law of England Edmond Wingate Graduate School of Law AIII/3
RB00022946 An essay upon ways and means of supplying the war Charles Davenant Graduate School of Law BI/10
RB00022945 A new discourse of trade, wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to companies of merchants Josiah Child Graduate School of Law BI/1-4
RB00022950 Several papers relating to money, interest and trade, &c : writ upon several occasions, and published at different times John Locke Graduate School of Law BI/1-4(4-25)
RB00022954 Political arithmetick William Petty Graduate School of Law BI/1-4/P
RB00022944 A treatise wherein is demonstrated, I. That the East-India trade is the most national of all foreign trade ... Josiah Child Graduate School of Law BI/4-16/C
RB00022953 Of a free trade Henry Parker Graduate School of Law BI/4-16/P
RB00022938 Discourse concerning coining the new money lighter. In answer to Mr Lock's considerations about raising the value of money Nicholas Barbon Graduate School of Law BI/4-25/B
RB00022939 Proposals for raising a colledge of industry of all useful trades and husbandry, ... John Bellers Graduate School of Law BI/5-1/B
RB00022951 Some considerations of the consequences of the lowering of interest, and raising the value of money John Locke Graduate School of Law BI/7-9(4-25)
RB00022955 A treatise of taxes & contributions William Petty Graduate School of Law BII/1/P
RB00022952 Thomae Mori Vtopia   Graduate School of Law BIII/10/M
RB00022942 Ioan. Bodini Andegavensis de repvblica   Graduate School of Law BIII/6
RB00022928 天象列次分野之図(太祖時の初刻の拓本)   Graduate School of Science 宇宙物理学専攻図書室
RB00022929 天象列次分野之図(太祖時の再刻の拓本)   Graduate School of Science 宇宙物理学専攻図書室
RB00022957 Icones filicum ad eas potissimum species illustrandas destinata, qua hactenus, vel in herbariis delituerunt prorsus incognitae, vel saltem nondum per icones botanicis innotuerunt : Figures and descriptions of ferns, principally of such as have been altogether unnoticed by botanists, or as have not yet been correctly figured William Jackson Hooker and Robert Kaye Greville Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/23/1
RB00022958 A monograph of the genus Lilium Henry John Elwes ; illustrated by W.H. Fitch Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/24
RB00022959 Remberti Dodonai Mechliniensis Medici Casarei Stirpium historia pemptades sex, sive libri XXX : varie ab auctore, paullo ante mortem, aucti & emendati Remberti Dodonai Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/25
RB00022963 Plantae Asiaticae rariores; or, descriptions and figures of a select number of unpublished East Indian plants Nathaniel Wallich Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/28/1
RB00022964 Herbarium Amboinense (Het Amboinsche Kruid-boek, dat is, beschryving van de meest bekende boomen, heesters, kruiden ... in Amboina en de omleggende eylanden) G.E. Rumphius ; nagezien en uitgegeeven door Joannes Burmannus Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/29/1
RB00022965 Rumphia : sive, Commentationes botanicae imprimis de plantis Indiae Orientalis, tum penitus incognitis tum quae in libris Rheedii, Rumphii, Roxburghii, Wallichii aliorum recensentur Scripsit C.L. Blume cognomine Rumphius Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/31/1
RB00022962 Flora Rossica seu stirpium imperii Rossici per Europam et Asiam indigenarum descriptiones et icones iussu et auspiciis Catharinae II Augustae ; edidit P.S. Pallas Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/32/1/1
RB00022961 The gardeners dictionary : containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden, and nursery, as also for performing the practical parts of agriculture: including the management of vineyards, with the methods of making and preserving wine, according to the present practice of the most skilful vignerons in the several wine countries in Europe. Together with directions for propagating and improving, for real practice and experience, all sorts of timber trees Philip Miller Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:EX/36
RB00022966 Flora pedemontana, sive Enumeratio methodica stirpium indigenarum Pedemontii   Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:XL/1224/1
RB00022960 Hortus Indicus Malabaricus, Continens Regni Malabarici apud Indos celeberrimi omnis generis Plantas rariores, Latinis, Malabaricis, Arabicis, Brachmanum characteribus nominibusque expressis, ..... per Henricum van Rheede tot Draakestein et Theodorum Janson. ab Almeloveen ; notis adauxit & commentariis illustravit, Joannes Commelinus Graduate School of Science 生物科学専攻図書室:XL/1224/2/1
RB00022968 L'Histoire naturelle eclaircie dans une de ses parties principales, la Conchyliologie, qui traite des coquillages : de mer, de riviere et de terre. ouvrage dans lequel on trouve. une Nouvelle methodc Latine & Francoife de les divifer. augmente. de la zoomorphose, ou repre'sentation des animaux a coquilles, avec leurs explications par M*** des societes Royales des Sciences de londres & de Montpellier Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室: 貴/6-I/117
RB00022973 Geschichte und Litterature der Geognosie, ein Versuch von Christian Keferstein Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:1/10
RB00015108 Institutions geologiques Breislak, Scipion Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:1/86-1
RB00022981 Le bassin parisien aux ages antehistoriques Eugene Belgrand Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:16/318-1
RB00022982 Crustacea formationis transitionis auctore, N.P. Angelin Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:16/411-1-b
RB00022983 Atlas to accompany the monograph on the tertiary history of the Grand Canon District by Clarence E. Dutton Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:17/134
RB00022984 Atlas to accompany the monograph on the geology of the Comstock lode and the Washoe district by George F. Becker Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:17/135
RB00022979 The geology of Pennsylvania : a government survey by Henry Darwin Rogers Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:17/32-1
RB00022986 The Pamirs : being a narrative of a year's expedition on horseback and on foot through Kashmir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asia by the Earl of Dunmore Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:23/410-1
RB00022976 Topographischer und naturwissenschaftlicher atlas zur reise durch Java von Fr. Junghuhn Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:24/212
RB00022988 The mining industry of Japan during the last twenty five years, 1867-1892 by Wada Tsunashiro Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:25/223
RB00022969 Essai sur la theorie des volcans d'auvergne par M. de Montlosier Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:5/304-b
RB00022977 Uber die Brachiopoden der silurischen Schichten von B?hmen von Joachim Barrande Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-G/154
RB00022972 Petrefacta Germaniae : tam ea, quae in museo universitatis Regiae Borussicae Fridericiae Wilhelmiae Rhenanae servantur quam alia quaecunque in museis Hoeninghusiano Muensteriano Aliisque = Abbildungen Und Beschreibungen der Petrefacten Deutschlands und der angranzenden Lander : unter Mitwirkung des Herrn Grafen Georg zu Munster Hrsg. Von August Goldfuss Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-G/447-1
RB00022978 Itineraires et coupe geologique a travers le continent de L'Amerique du Sud de Rio de Janeiro a Lima, sur les observations de Francis de Castelnau et D'Eugene D'Osery par Francis de Castelnau Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-G/476
RB00022987 Catalogo de los pajaros fosiles de la republica Argentina conservados en el Museo de La Plata por Francisco P. Moreno y Alcides Mercerat Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-G/479-1
RB00022989 Contributions to a knowledge of the fossil vertebrates of Argentina by R. Lydekker . On two mesozoic crocodilians Notosuchus (genus novum) and Cynodontosuchus (genus novum) from the red sandstones of the territ ory of Neuquen (Argentine republic) / by Arthur Smith Woodward = Sobre dos cocodrilos mesozoicos Notosuchus (genus novum) y Cynodontosuchus ( genus novum) de las areniscas rojas del territorio del Neuquen (Republica Argentina) / por Arturo Smith Woodward   Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-G/479-2
RB00022971 Le regne animal distribue d'apres son organisation, pour servirde base a l'histoire naturelle des animaux et d'introduction a l'anatomie comparee par Georges Cuvier Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-I/187-1
RB00022975 Programm zur offentlichen Prufung welche mit den Zoglingen der Realschule in Meiningen : Donnerstag, den 28. und Freitag, den 29. Marz 1844 im grossen Horsaale der Anstalt. abgehalten serden soll. Zu dieser Schulfeierlichkeit ladet die Gonner und Freunde der Anstalt, so wie die Eltern der Zo glinge ehrerbietigst ein K. W. Knochenhauer Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-I/203
RB00022970 Conchology : or the natural history of shells by George Perry Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-I/338
RB00022974 A Treatise on Malacology : or the Natural Classification of Shells and Shell-fish By William Swainson Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-I/46
RB00022985 Micro-palaeo phytologia formationis carboniferae : Iconographia et dispositio synoptica plantularum microscopicarum omnium in venis carbonis formationis carboniferae hucusque cognitarum, eorumque illis proximorum corpusculorum natura vegetabilica non incerta, quae inveniuntur et in venis carbonis et in stratis formation infra supraque carboniferam sequentium Auctor Paulus F. Reinsch Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-P/145-1
RB00022980 Osteographie des cetaces vivants et fossiles : comprenant la description et l'iconographie du squelette et du systeme dentaire de ces animaux ainsi que des documents relatifs a leur histoire naturelle par Van Beneden, Paul Gervais Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:6-V/132-1
RB00022967 Voyage dans les Alpes, precedes d'un essai sur l'histoire naturelle des environs de Geneve par Horace Benedict de Saussure Graduate School of Science 理学部中央図書室:貴/16/293-1
RB00022930 De nieuw hervormde anatomie, ofte, Ontleding des menschen lighaams Steph Blankaart Medical Library B/54
RB00022932 De Re Metallica   Graduate School of Engineering 工学研究科社会基盤工学専攻
RB00022933 [Dem Durchlauchtigen Hochgebornen Fursten und Herrn ...Friedrich Ulrich ...] ; Aula subterranea domina dominantium subdita subditorum ; Interpres Phraseologia Metallurgica   Graduate School of Engineering 工学研究科社会基盤工学専攻
RB00022931 Cosmographia Apiani, Petri Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics 湯川記念館記念室:T/1

[Library Network] Dr. Yu Fujikawa's collection, held by the University of Tokyo, is now available at the website "Digital Fujikawa - History of Medicine in Japan"

 On 2019-02-08 (789 reads)

Dr. Yu Fujikawa's collection, held by the University of Tokyo, is now available at the website "Digital Fujikawa - History of Medicine in Japan."

Kyoto University Library Network and Keio University Media Center launched the digital unification project in September, 2018. The collection, held by the Faculty of Education, as well as the Graduate School of Education of the University of Tokyo, includes the textbooks and the related books from the late Edo period through Meiji period.

The URL for "Digital Fujikawa" is as follows.
We hope this would be helpful for your research.



[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 1,443 titles including "Korean Metal/Stone Rubbings Collection" and others newly available

 On 2019-01-29 (1592 reads)

The digital images newly released this time include 219 titles of "Korean Metal/Stone Rubbings Collection", 850 manuscripts from "Kawai Collection", 356 titles of "Modern Educational Wallcharts". Other than these, transcriptions and explanations are added to "Meiji Restoration Collection" and Nara Ehon Collection. As of January 29, 2018, 1,071,087 images of 12,793 titles are available in Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive.

■Korean Metal/Stone Rubbings Collection 금석집첩・속첩 (held by the Main Library)
The collection consists of the rubbings of inscriptions engraved on metal or stone memorials throughout Korea that had been constructed from the Silla Era to the end of the Joseon Dynasty. The main part of the rubbings is considered to have been created in the middle of the 18th Century, with the follow-up part that includes rubbings in the former half of the 19th Century added later. Today, some of the memorials have been lost or deteriorated to illegible, which put more significance on this copy that shows what was originally inscribed on the memorials.

■Kawai Collection (held by the Main Library)
Kawai Collection consists of Korean rare manuscripts and books formerly held by Dr. Hirotami Kawai (1872-1918) who studied mainly history of Korea and its economy. The items newly released this time are 850 manuscripts digitized under the collaborative project between Kyoto University Library, the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University and the Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University.
▼Materials digitized under the project based on the agreement between Kyoto University Library, the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University and the Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University

■Modern Educational Wallcharts (held by Yoshida-South Library and the Kyoto University Museum)
The collection comprises of educational wallcharts ranging from those used for instruction at the predecessors of the Third High School, i.e. former Osaka School of Western Study (Hanpu Yo Gakko, established in Osaka in 1869) and Osaka English School (Osaka Eigo Gakko, established in 1874), to the ones published during the World War II. This includes various areas of arts and sciences, such as topographical and geological maps, operation maps, botanical, zoological and paleontological charts, periodic tables, ancient customs and legends, chronological tables, anatomical charts, etc.

『金石集帖 天』

『금석집첩 천』


Modern Educational Wallcharts


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: 265 titles of Tanimura Collection linked to NIJL's Collectors' Seal Database

 On 2019-01-29 (885 reads)

Many old books have collectors' seals on them that furnish valuable information on the books' provenance and transmission. The Collectors' Seal Database provided by the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) has accumulated images of collectors' seals and their information, which users can search by what is inscribed on the seal, the number of characters, the placement of each character, the number of lines, where the text is broken in lines, etc. Seals collected from Tanimura Collection held by Kyoto University Library are also included in the database.

We have linked Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive's 265 titles of Tanimura Collection to the Collectors' Seal Database so that users can easily refer to the detailed information of the seals on these books.

Please click the links on Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive to the Collectors' Seal Database, and then...

The information of the Collectors' Seal Database appears.