Outline of the Kyoto University Libraries


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Outline2017: Chapter

  • Message from Director-General (PDF 0.58MB)
  • Chronology of the Main Library and Library Network / Former and current Directors-General (PDF 0.57MB)
  • Mission Statement / Future Vision (PDF 0.58MB)
  • Organization (PDF 0.83MB)
  • Activities (PDF 1.21MB)
    • Websites
    • Enriching Our Holdings
      • E-journal subscription
      • Developing Special Collections
      • Special Collection purchased in academic year 2015
    • User Support
      • Facilities and equipment to support learning
      • “University Library Data Searching”(Liberal Arts and General Education Course)
      • Co-ordinated Cross-Campus Initiatives for User Support
      • The Learning Support Desk: Support for Students from International and Diverse Cultures(Main Library )
      • Study Room 24 and Media Commons(Main Library)
    • Recording and Dissemination of Intellectual Achievements
      • KURENAI (Kyoto University Research Information Repository)
      • Kyoto University Open Access Policy approved
      • Kyoto University Action Plan for Strategic Priorities "Project for Promoting Open Access"
      • Digitizing rare materials and making them available online
    • Restoration of Rare Materials
  • Major Collections (PDF 0.82MB)
  • Statistics(academic year 2015) (PDF 0.56MB)

  Kyoto University has more than 50 libraries. These include its main library on the main campus, but also a great number of other, smaller departmental libraries and libraries affiliated with institutes. Each one of these libraries engages in collecting and collating books, journals, and other materials in accordance with its particular field, and strives to provide a comfortable, helpful learning environment.
  The Kyoto University Library Network was launched in April 2005, and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive, effective, cross-university framework for collaboration on issues that require inter-departmental cooperation and coordination.

  We introduce our activities in the 'Outline of the Kyoto University Libraries 2014', 'Outline of the Kyoto University Libraries 2015/2016' .