Outline of the Kyoto University Libraries

Kyoto University has more than 40 libraries, including not only the Main Library on the main campus, but also many other smaller departmental libraries and libraries affiliated with institutes. Each one of these libraries engages in collecting and collating books, journals, and other materials in accordance with its particular field, and strives to provide a comfortable, helpful learning environment. The Kyoto University Library Network was launched in April 2005, and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive, effective, cross-university framework for collaboration on issues that require inter-departmental cooperation and coordination.

The deliberative body of the Library Network is the Library Network Board where the representatives from the university’s departments and organizations discuss and decide on issues regarding the Library Network.

In August 2006, the Committee for the Formulation of the Future Vision and Strategy of the Library Network was set up and started discussions. At the same time, the Working Group for the Formulation of the Library Missions began to work on the library missions that are the core of the Future Vision and Strategy. As a result, the Mission Statement and Goals were approved in April 2007.

In December 2009, in accordance with the Mission Statement and Goals, we have formulated our Future Vision and Strategy that envisions what we will become some 10 years from when it is formulated and clarifies the aims of our projects on our way toward that future (revised in February 2016). Reflecting on the 10 years of our activities since then, we formulated our new Future Vision and Strategy 2020-2027 in February 2020.

The booklet Kyoto University Library Network 2022 gives an outline of the projects we are working on in the process of realizing our Future Vision and Strategy.

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