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On the Katsura Campus, five separate libraries of the Graduate School of Engineering have been operated since the opening of the campus in October 2003. We have recently made a decision to consolidate these five libraries and build a new library that will serve as an Area-Focus Hub Library with a university-wide functionality. The building site is located in the B Cluster situated in the center of the campus, with a view of Kyoto’s city center. Necessary preparations and arrangements are currently underway towards the opening of the library in spring of 2020.

At the Katsura Library, we are considering placing an emphasis on research support services because most of those based at the Katsura Campus are graduate students and researchers. From a facilities and equipment standpoint, we plan to
provide dedicated sites that distinguish themselves from the laboratory atmosphere with diverse facilities, such as Open Lab, Research Commons, and Media Creation Room. These aim to promote collaboration with external researchers as well as encourage students’ intellectual activities. From a face-to-face services standpoint, we plan to promote services that are considered necessary for each phase of the research activity cycle of advancing, presenting and accumulating research, such as writing support, open access support and archival support.

Information leading up to the opening of the Katsura Library will be posted on this website.


2.Outline of main functions and facilities
Main functions
Area-Focus Hub Library
A base for sharing the university-wide functional operations of the Library Network
・A base for library management and services in each area
・A base for implementing the sharing of library management and services
・Concurrently providing Special Libraries functions

Creation of a base for global innovation
Building an archive in the fields of engineering and science and technology
Contribution and symbiosis to a community and social

Reinforced concrete structure, 2 stories above ground and 2 underground floors

Main facilities
・Open Lab
・Research Commons
・Media Creation Room
・Support room for open data
・Rare collections reading room

・Reading room
・Group study room
・Study cubicles
・Theater room

Stacks (rare collections, closed-shelf collections)






It’s located in the center of Katsura Campus. COOP store is very near. From reading room, you can see a good view of Kyoto’s city center. Campus Map is here.


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Katsura Library
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