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Gale platform is available: MOMW (Jul. 2019)

 On 2019-07-25 (2405 reads)

The Making of the Modern World (MOMW Part: I, II, III) is now available on Gale's platform. (Update: 2019/07/25)
Also available in NII-REO (except Part III).

cf.2018/05/17 article

The platform of Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) and the Making of the Modern World (MOMW I, II) have changed from Gale to NII-REO since April 2018.

Please access the following new URLs:

Access your saved items on ECCO/MoMW with Gale User Account (Update: 2018/05/17)

You can download and export your saved bibliography list until the end of May 2018. Saved contents will be unavailable from June 2018.

  1. Marked Items (ECCO/MoMW platform)
  2. My Folder (Gale Primary Sources platform)