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[E-Book] Iwanami Shoten’s 500 titles are now available as e-books

 On 2020-06-19 (7739 reads)

Iwanami Shoten has produced an extensive range of publications should be read by university students .

Kyoto University Library network provides Iwanami Shoten’s “Gendaijin-no-Kyoyo” package as e-books.

The package contains 500 titles which are selected from Iwanami-Bunko, Iwanami-Shinsho, Iwanami-Gendai-Bunko, Iwanami-Junior-Shinsho and Iwanami-Kagaku-Library.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by some of the library service restrictions to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can read the titles via Maruzen eBook Library platform. Let’s access and read some.


List of Titles

*Click a title to check the detail of the book. Click a link in “Bibliography Details” section to jump to the Maruzen eBook Library Platform.

List of titles (PDF file)

*Click a title to  jump to the Maruzen eBook Library Platform.


How to use

1 Access via on-campus network.

2 Search by the specific title of an e-book or browse.

3 Click 読上 button to transit a screen, then, click 読む button to start reading.

4 Some e-books are available as e-audiobooks.  If you want to listen, click Speak” button.

5 When you finish reading, close the page.

*Users guide of Maruzen eBook Library viewer (Japanese only).



・You cannot print and download the e-books.

・Access e-books from off campus via an IKEv2 connection or a designated "Plug-in".

*The "Plug-in" is not compatible with iOS and Android.

 When you read the above-mentioned ebooks using iOS and Android devices, please set up the IKEv2 VPN connection.

*When you access via the "Plug-in" from off campus, please follow the 2 steps below. In reverse order, you may not be able to access.

 (1) Turn on the "Plug-in"

 (2) Access to Maruzen eBook Library

 If you still cannot access, please clear your browser's cache and try again.

 ref. How to clear the cache?:


Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section.