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【YITP Library】The exhibition "Hideki Yukawa and his favorite books : Origins of a Nobel prize physicist" will open at the Yukawa Memorial Hall (July 19-)

 On 2021-07-12 (1276 reads)
The Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) has a large collection of books that Hideki Yukawa read from his childhood to his later years.

In his autobiography and essays, Yukawa talks a lot about his relationship with books and reading.
He talks about what kind of books he encountered at what time and what he thought through them.
Yukawa is said to have been an introverted literary boy, but how did he come to aspire to physics?

The "meson theory" he advocated goes beyond theories of normal theoretical physicists and is said to belong the natural philosophy.
Yukawa not only contributed to the research and education of physics, but also actively participated in international peace activities.
As a representative of the scientific community, he continued to tackle science and social issues.
What was the source of his thought and activities?

This exhibition focuses on his "reading".
Yukawa's book collection and his own "description" of it are exhibited together,
to show you the deep relationship between his spiritual formation and reading.

A reservation is required for viewing as a measure against COVID-19.
Please see the viewing information page for details and how to make a reservation.