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[Main Library][Yoshida South Library] 2022 April Event for Freshers in Main Library & Yoshida South Library

 On 2022-04-05 (945 reads)

Kyoto University have 40 libraries. There are some events for freshers in Main Library & Yoshida South Library. We are waiting for your coming to the Kyoto University Library!

Event List

  • Main Library
    • Your First Book in Kyoto University Library
    • Twitter: Short video for freshers
  • Yoshida South Library
    • Yoshida-South Library(YSL) Virtual Tour
    • Interview with a senior students

Main Library


Let' join the event!

Your First Book in Kyoto University Library
APRIL 6th – JUNE 30th, 2022
Please submit the title of your first book in Kyoto University Library and your comment from the form. Let's get the present!
For detail: Seethe poster.

Twitter: Short video for freshers
Everyday in April, we will post the short video for library guidance. Follow our Twitter @kumainlib!

User Support Section, Main Library, Kyoto University


Yoshida South Library

Yoshida-South Library offers the following two types of content.

[YouTube: Yoshida-South Library(YSL) Virtual Tour]

You can explore what YSL is online.
Watch a video of the tour and take a quiz!

Event dates: April 5th - May 31st

The tour can be accessed via our YouTube channel during the period.
You can access the quiz from the description of the video.
Those who answer all questions correctly will receive an original tote bag (first 50 people only).

Yoshida-South Library(YSL) Virtual Tour

[YouTube: 'Interview with a senior students']

They talk about the books recommended by the Yoshida-South Library and how they use the library in their research and studies.
The video is for new students and upper-class students about to start their research.
It is also recommended for all postgraduate students.

Interview with a senior students

Yoshida-South Library
 Tell: 075-753-6525 Email: a30yslib(at)