Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund - Donor List

Kyoto University Library Network sincerely appreciates your considerate contribution to Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund. As a token of our gratitude, we list the names of donors here.

  • The list is updated once a month.
  • The names are listed in alphabetical order in each fiscal year (April - March).
  • Donors who wish to remain anonymous are not listed.
  • Please contact Library Planning Division, Kyoto University Main Library regarding this page.
    • TEL: +81-75-753-2691
    • E-mail: kikin660[a] (Please replace "[a]" with "@")

Names of Donors (alphabetical order)

Fiscal Year 2021

  • Mr. Yasushi FUKUNAGA
  • Mr. Yuichi HIRAIWA
  • Mr. Shunsho KO
  • Mr. Takeshi IMOTO

Fiscal Year 2020

  • Mr. Shunsho KO
  • Kyoto University Library Shoen-kai

Fiscal Year 2019

  • Mr. Yasushi FUKUNAGA
  • Mr. Shunsho KO
  • Ms. Midori NAGASAKA
  • Sanshi-kai

Fiscal Year 2018

  • Mr. Yasushi FUKUNAGA
  • Mr. Takashi HIKIHARA
  • Mr. Shigetake KAI
  • Mr. Takao ONOE
  • Mr. Kazuo OZAKI
  • Sanshi-kai
  • Mr. Tatsuo SHIMA
  • Mr. Yasubumi TOCHITANI
  • Mr. Yuichi TOGASAKI