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[Kyoto University Library Network] Plug-in required to be authenticated to access e-resources

 On 2020-04-10 (11011 reads)

The students, faculty members, staff and other members of Kyoto University are entitled to access e-resources, such as e-journals, e-books and databases, for which Kyoto University entered into contract with their providers and publishers. In order to access the e-resources, the installment of a designated plug-in is required. This plug-in allows you to be authenticated to access the e-resources from the campus and even from home without other change of settings of your PC or network. Please note that you cannot access the e-resources from a browser without the plug-in.

System Requirement

OS: Windows, MacOS or Linux
Browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Download Site of the Plug-in (ECS-ID/SPS-ID required)

How to Install/Use

Please make sure to read the following documents before installing the plug-in.

Guide to "e-Resources Access Authentication System" Firefox-en Ver.1.07 (ECS-ID/SPS-ID required)

Guide to "e-Resources Access Authentication System" Google Chrome-en Ver.1.05 (ECS-ID/SPS-ID required)



  • The plug-in doesn't support access from other browsers or devices than the above mentioned to which the plug-in cannot be installed, such as smartphones and tablet devices (iOS/Android).
  • Please do not activate reference management software, while you are accessing the e-resources using the plug-in, because the plug-in doesn't support the use of such software. (The plug-in might interrupt the function of some reference management software, such as EndNote desktop, to import data from e-resources platforms.)
  • When you use one of PC terminals equipped in Satellite Classrooms and Open Space Laboratories (OSL), you can access the e-resources by clicking a shortcut "Mozilla Firefox (e-resources)".
  • Security software ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced might interrupt the installment or update of the plug-in. Please refer to the site below for details.

The Purpose of the e-Journal and Database Authentication System

Please refer to the Guide to e-Journal and Database Authentication System.