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[Library Network]You can deposit research data in KURENAI!

 On 2023-07-03 (3128 reads)

Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI) is an institutional repository where members of Kyoto University can deposit research and educational achievements generated at the university.
You can deposit “research data as evidence of research achievements”.

In recent years, an increasing number of funding agencies and journals have required the sharing of the research data on which articles are based. Sharing research data is also expected to promote Open Science.
Please consider KURENAI as a registration destination for your research data!

For information on the procedure for registration, see “Depositing Research Data in KURENAI”.

Advantages of Depositing Research Data in KURENAI

  • It allows you to assign a DOI* to your research data, which makes citing easier and improves the visibility of your research achievements.
    *DOI (Digital Object Identifier): An international identifier assigned to electronic academic data. Placing “” in front of the DOI name converts into the URL where the electronic data is stored. This enables a DOI to (1) serve as a globally unique identifier and (2) guarantee permanent access (prevent broken links).
  • It also makes your research data searchable on CiNii Research (National Institute of Informatics), a platform compiling research achievements in Japan, as well as on OpenAIRE, an internationally used platform, enabling both domestic and international access to your research achievements.