[Maintenance] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive (June 16, 2021)

 On 2021-06-14 (37 reads)

Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive will suspend its service due to system maintenance for about 1 hour from 11:00am, June 16, 2021.
The service will be restored as soon as the maintenance work has been completed. 
Thank you for your understanding.



【Libraries of Faculty of Engineering(Yoshida)】Opening of 2 Libraries & the schedule of reorganization

 On 2021-06-08 (374 reads)

The five libraries of the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering at Yoshida Campus have been closed for a long time to prepare for COVID-19 countermeasures, library reorganization, and the transfer of materials, etc., and have provided materials only through the Library of School of Architecture.

In response to the temporary relocation of the Library of Global Engineering,  the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Library and the The Library of Physics will be opened on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, after establishing a system for implementing measures against infectious diseases.

For details of the service, please refer to Engineering Libraries Website "【Yoshida Libraries】Opening of 2 Libraries & the schedule of reorganization".


Contact : 090stosho[at]mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp


6/2 updated [Library Network] Expanded access to e-resources during the COVID-19 outbreak

 On 2021-06-02 (27624 reads)

The following publishers have expanded access to their e-resources to assist students, faculty and researchers, as social distancing is advised to contain the spread of COVID-19.
Please refer to each publisher's website for details.

AAAS[2020/5/1up]Content Free to Access (COVID-19 on Science and allied journals)[details]-
American Physiological SocietyContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
CASExpanded access to SciFinder from off-campus (ID/password required)

 until June 15
Oct 18
Jan 11, 2021

June 7, 2021

Jan 31, 2022 [extended]  

ElsevierContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
IEEEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
JoVEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
JSTORContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and public health)[details]

until June 30
Dec 31

June 30, 2021
June 30, 2022 [extended]

JSTOR[2020/7/15up]Content Free to Access (unlicensed journal collections and ARTSTOR)(requires access via e-journal plug-in)[details 1][details 2]until Dec 31
June 30, 2021 [extended]
Mary Ann Liebert[2020/5/1up]Content Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Microbiology SocietyContent Free to Access (all contents)[details]-
New England Journal of MedicineContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and clinical education)[details]-
Oxford University PressContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Project MUSEExpanded access to content [details]-
ProQuest[2020/8/5up]"Coronavirus Research Database" is available free [details]until Dec 31
Period undecided
Royal SocietyContent Free to Access (all contents) [details]-
SAGEContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
SIAMContent Free to Access (Epidemiology)[details]-
SpringerNatureContent Free to Access (COVID-19)[details]-
Taylor & FrancisContent Free to Access (COVID-19) [details]-
University of Chicago PressContent Free to Access (COVID-19 and some journals as below)[details]

Bulletin American Schools Oriental Research / Classical Philology / Ethics / History of Religions / International Journal of American Linguistics / Isis / Journal of Cuneiform Studies / Journal of Labor Economics / Journal of Law & Economics / Journal of Legal Studies / Journal of Modern History / Journal of Near Eastern Studies / Journal of Religion / Philosophy of Science / The Journal of Geology / The Library Quarterly
WileyContent Free to Access (COVID-19) [details]-
Nikkei BP[2020/4/30up]Expanded access to Nikkei BP Kiji Kensaku Service (Academic Edition) from off-campus (e-journal plug-in required)
*There is an annual limit on the number of articles to be downloaded. Please read only what you need.


The followings have expired.

American Economic Association[5/1up]Content Free to Access (all contents)[details]until June 30
Aug 31

Annual ReviewsContent Free to Access (all contents)[details] until April 30
June 30

Association for Computing Machinery [4/17up]Free Access to ACM Digital Library (all contents)[details]until June 30[expired]  
Cambridge University Press[5/1up]Content Free to Access (700+ textbooks (Online View only) and COVID-19) on Cambridge Core [details] until May 31[expired]  
De GruyterFree access to approximately 75,000 textbooks(1650-2016) from De Gruyter
and partner publishers sequentially (requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)[details]
 until June 30
July 31

EBSCOUnlimited Access to EBSCO eBooks[details]until June 30[expired]
EBSCOUnlimited Access to the following databases:
Philosopher's Index with Full Text / CINAHL / EconLit with Full Text
until June 30[expired]
Geological Society of AmericaContent Free to Access (all e-books on GeoScienceWorld)[details]until June 30[expired]
Guilford PressContent Free to Access (all journals and some other contents)[details]until July 31
Sep 30

JoVE[10/21up]New!Educational Contents Free to Access (JoVE Science Education / JoVE Core / JoVE Lab Manual) [details]until Dec 31[expired]
JSTOR[7/15up]Content Free to Access (32,000+ eBooks from 48 publishers)(requires access via e-journal plug-in)[details]until Aug 31[expired]
KinoDen [5/15up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to some of the subscribed e-books up to 50[details]until July 31[expired]
Maruzen eBook Library [4/17up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to some of the subscribed e-books to 50[details]until July 31[expired]
Oxford University Press [4/17up]

Content Free to Access (eBooks, Review Articles, etc.) as follows
(requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) *until June 13
Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO)
Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs)
Very Short Introductions. (VSI)
Oxford Quick Reference *until July 31

until July 13[expired]
ProQuestUnlimited Access to Ebook Central [details]until Mid June[expired]
SpringerNatureContent Free to Access (500+ textbooks)[details]until July 31[expired]
Taylor & Francis [4/17up]Free Access to Taylor & Francis eBooks except some
(requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
until July 12[expired]
Wiley [5/25up]

Archive Collections free to access as follows (requires access from campus or e-journal plug-in)
・Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
・The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
・The Royal College of Physicians

You can search across HERE.
(In addition, you can use "The New York Academy of Sciences" as the subscribed database.)

until July 30[expired]
Wolters Kluwer [4/23up]Providing Guest Passes for UpToDate access (individual sign-up required)[details]until May 31 [expired]
Asahi Shimbun Company [4/23up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to Kikuzo II (3→53) until May 31
June 30[expired]
Zassaku Plus [6/17up]Expanding Simultaneous Access to Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei (Zassaku Plus) (1→3) until Mar 31, 2021[expired]
NetAdvanceExpanding Simultaneous Access to JapanKnowledge Lib to 50 until May 31
July 31


*Posted: 24 Mar 2020 

[Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Team]


【New E-resources Available】Bijutsu Shinpo,Jinbutsu Sosho,National Geographic Magazine

 On 2021-05-31 (743 reads)

The following e-resources are available.

  • Bijutsu Shinpo [JKBooks]
    The Bijutsu Shinpo, published for nineteen years between 1902 (Meiji 35) and 1920 (Taisho 9), is an indispensable periodical resource full of information for anyone interested in modern Japanese art and modern culture in general.
    *Please login by "Login" button on the "For organizations" tab.
      Don't forget to logout by "Logout" button. (not [X] close button of your browser)

  • Jinbutsu Sosho (Japanese Biography Series)  [JKBooks]
    It is a book series of biographies of persons deemed important in Japanese history, including non-Japanese persons, from ancient to contemporary times, covering diverse areas such as politics, economics, literature, religion and arts.
    *Please login by "Login" button on the "For organizations" tab.
      Don't forget to logout by "Logout" button. (not [X] close button of your browser)

  • National Geographic Magazine Archive
    National Geographic Magazine Archive delivers a complete searchable copy of every issue from 1888 to 2015.

For more information:

[Kyoto University Library Network]


[Maintenance]Temporal suspension of the communication to off-campus due to SINET maintenance(5/30)

 On 2021-05-28 (713 reads)

The communication to off-campus will will suspend its service due to the SINET5 maintenance for about 10 minutes between 04:30 and 06:00 on May 30th, 2021.

 ■The temporary network suspension due to SINET maintenance(Kyoto DC)

Library Network Service (KULINE, Electronic journal etc.) will be suspended during the period.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

[Library Network]


(5/28 repost) Maintenance: KULINE, Discovery, 京大ArticleLinker, E-Journals & E-Books List (May 30-31)

 On 2021-05-28 (1547 reads)

Due to system maintenance, services below will be temporarily unavailable.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  Period : from 10 am. on May 30 to 10 am. on May 31, 2021 (JST)
  Services to be affected :
     Some links to access e-journals and e-books are not displayed, or cannot be accessed.
     Some links to access e-journals and e-books are not displayed, or cannot be accessed. 
     Links to e-resources are not available.
    ・E-Journals & E-Books List
     E-Journals & E-Books List is not displayed.

  Searching (via KULINE, Discovery etc.)  will be available, but some links to e-resources will not work.
  E-journals and e-books themselves are not out of service. Please access directly of their website.

    [Main Library Academic Support Section]


    【Libraries of Faculty of Engineering(Yoshida)】Temporary Transfer of the Library of Global Engineering

     On 2021-05-25 (489 reads)

    The Library of Global Engineering will be temporarily relocated to The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Library (4th floor of Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3) due to the relocation plan of the 5 libraries in the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering at Yoshida Campus. Some of the materials are moved to The Library of Physics. 

    We will stop providing materials by advance reservation during the moving period. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Service outage period : May 26, Wed. 2021 ~ May 27, Thu. 2021

    Material out of service : All material which "Holding Library" is "Eng. Global (Yoshida)" in KULINE

    We plan to reopen the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Library, which we temporarily moved to, by early June. After opening, you will be able to directly pick up materials from the Library of Global Engineering.

    We will inform you on the Engineering Libraries website as soon as it is ready.

    Contact : 090stosho@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp



     On 2021-05-20 (1713 reads)







    勤務時間:原則として、13:00-17:00の時間内で、14時間(月-金曜日 週20時間以内)

    待  遇:






                           申請書(Microsoft Word / PDF












    問合せ先:京都大学附属図書館利用支援課 図書館アルバイト担当

           〒606-8501 京都市左京区吉田本町




    【Online Workshop】25th-26th, May "Spring Workshop Series" vol.2 - Learning Support Desk presents -

     On 2021-05-18 (1119 reads)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.


    [Main Library] Our Services of the Main Library after 8th, April 2021. (Published date: 9th, March, Last updated date: 5th, April)

     On 2021-05-14 (8747 reads)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.