CAS SciFinder® Chemical Literature Information Database

About CAS SciFinder®
  • CAS SciFinder® is an online search service designed for university researchers who need scientific information in fields such as chemistry, medicine, biochemistry, physics, and engineering. It allows users to search comprehensive chemical information and related scientific information provided by CAS.
  • It is a tool included in the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform.
  • Data is updated daily.
  • First-time users must register. → User Registration (on-campus only)
    * When registering, do not forget to set up the Security Question as a measure against forgotten passwords.
  • For details and manuals on the service, please see the Chemical Information Society product page.
Information Provided by CAS SciFinder®

In CAS SciFinder®, you can retrieve necessary information from the following databases:

  • Literature information [CAplus][MARPAT]
  • Chemical substance information [REGISTRY]
  • Organic chemical reaction information [CASREACT]
  • Reagent and chemical catalog information [CHEMCATS]
  • Information on existing chemical substance lists [CHEMLIST]
  • Medical literature information [MEDLINE]
  • You need to register as a user in advance.
  • Log in with the registered ID and password. Please check the necessary system requirements on the CAS page.
  • If you want to bookmark it in your browser, please do so from the screen after logging in.
User Registration
  1. User Registration: User Registration Procedure and Notes (PDF, in Jpanaese)
    • User Registration Page
    • When registering, do not forget to set up the Security Question as a measure against forgotten passwords.
    • Only email addresses ending with [] are accepted for registration.
  2. User Registration Confirmation
    • You will receive a user registration confirmation email from CAS at the registered email address.
    • Click the link in the email to complete the user registration.
Note from CAS
  • Each user can only obtain one CAS SciFinder® ID.
  • If your email address changes, please update the registered email address instead of obtaining a new ID, following the instructions in the document below.
    How to Change Registration Information [PDF]
  • Create a password that is not easily predictable. Do not leave your ID/password visible to others. The ID owner is responsible for any actions taken with their ID.
If You Forget Your ID or Password

If you forget your password, follow the procedure provided by the Chemical Information Society.

  • To prevent misuse, accounts that have not been used for a long period will be suspended.
  • If you cannot log in and resetting the password also results in an error, your ID may have been suspended. In such a case, please inform the following information to the Electronic Resources Team of the Main Library (ejdb[at] We will request reactivation of the ID from CAS.
    • Login ID (username):
    • Registered Name:
    • Registered Email Address:

A confirmation email will be sent from CAS to users whose accounts are targeted for deletion. If you wish to continue using CAS SciFinder®, click the link in the email from CAS by the specified date to be excluded from the deletion list.

Using CAS SciFinder® in Classes, etc.

If you plan to use CAS SciFinder® in hands-on workshops or classes on campus, please inform the Electronic Resources Team of the Main Library (ejdb[at] of the expected date and number of users in advance, as an excessive concentration of access may cause slow response or temporary access restrictions.

User Guide
Questions and Feedback

Please send your questions and feedback about CAS SciFinder® to ejdb[at] We will check with the provider.