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WWW  Kagakusho Shiryo-kan  
同時接続数...No limit   資料タイプ...Dictionaries and Encyclopedias / Full-text databases  分野...Chemistry  日本語
Kagakusho Shiryo-kan provides online version of 「化学便覧:基礎編 / 応用化学編」「実験化学講座」「標準化学用語辞典」 which compiled by The Chemical Society of Japan.

WWW  Calil  [FREE]
同時接続数...No limit   資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes / Library catalogs  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語
Calil is the union catalog about books and materials, holded by 6,200 libraries in Japan.

WWW  Kanpo jouhou kensaku sa-bisu (Japan Official Gazette Data Providing Services)  
同時接続数...1   収録範囲...1947-  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...General - Social Science  日本語
This service enables you to search the Japan Official Gazette Data (from 1947 to present) by date of issue and articles.
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WWW  Kigyo Shiryo Tougou Database (BAO: Business Archives Online)  [provided by Graduate School of Economics]
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1877-1990  資料タイプ...Figures, Statistics, Numerical datas  分野...Economics and Business  日本語

Containing Financial Reports (1877-1950), Prospectus (1948-1990), Marketable Securities Reports (1949-1960) and documents relevant to the Act for Elimination of Excessive Concentration of Economic Power (1948-1950). Searchable by company name, year, industry type and free word.

WWW  Kikuzo II Visual for Libraries  
同時接続数...3   収録範囲...1879-  更新頻度...Daily  資料タイプ...Full-text databases / News and Newspaper  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語

Kikuzo II Visual for Libraries has been revamped as "Asahi Shimbun Cross-Search". Click here for more information.


This database enables you to search over 13 millions of articles in the paper by "Asahi Shinbun" since 1879.

It includes the following contents.

  • "Asahi Shimbun" 1985~, "Shukan Asahi", "AERA"
    * "The Asahi Shimbun Digital
    " → From May 2011:Several original columns and article series (about 100 articles per month)
  • "Asahi Shimbun" Reduced-size Facsimile Edition 1879~1999
  • "Chiezo" Keyword Database
  • Who's Who Database
  • Historical Photo Archive
  • "Asahigraph" 1923~1956
  • AJW(Asia and Japan Watch)
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WWW  Kyoto University Article Linker  
資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語
Kyoto University Link Resolver (navigation tool from Database to E-Journals Fulltext).

WWW  Kyoto University E-Journals List  
資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語
E-Journals in Kyoto University.

WWW  Kyoto University Doctoral Dissertation Database  
資料タイプ...Theses  分野...General - Whole Field  日本語
This database enables you to search bibliographies of doctoral thesis which has been granted in Kyoto University.

WWW  Modern Historical Documents Database  [provided by Graduate School of Law, Institute for Research in Humanities]
同時接続数...No limit   資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...History  日本語

A database containing original materials related to modern Japanese history. The following databases under contract can be cross-searched.

Kusuda Minoru Materials, Parts I and II
Masayoshi Ohira Documents
Teiji Yabe Documents and addenda
Takeo Miki Related Materials, Parts I-IV
Former Collection of Hiromi Arisawa, Social and Energy Policy Materials, Part II
Minutes of the Tokyo Military Tribunal for the February 26 Incident, Parts I and II
Sakae Wagatsuma Documents, Parts I - III
Local System and Decentralization Part I - Part III
Kiichi Miyazawa Documents, Parts I and II

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WWW  Kusuda Minoru Siryo online edition : Sato Eisaku Kantei Bunsho  [provided by Graduate School of Law]
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1964-1972  資料タイプ...Full-text databases  分野...History  日本語

The collection of an enormous amount of writings by Kusuda Minoru, principal secretary and advisor to Prime Minister Sato Eisaku, the longest-serving prime minister of postwar Japan (1964-1972).
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Cross-searchable as "Modern Historical Documents Database" https://j-dac.jp/MJPH/index.html

WWW  Kokushi Daijiten (Encyclopedia of Japanese History) [JapanKnowledge]  
同時接続数...10   資料タイプ...Dictionaries and Encyclopedias  分野...History  日本語

This is the online version of Kokushi Daijiten (Encyclopedia of Japanese History).

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WWW  Kokubungaku ronbun mokuroku database  
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1912-  資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes  分野...Literature and Linguistics / History  日本語
Bibliographic database of books and articles on Japanese literature since 1912, maintained by the National Institute of Japanese Literature.

WWW  Kokuritsu kobunshokan Asia rekishi shiryo center( Japan Center for Asian Historical Records )   [FREE]
同時接続数...No limit   収録範囲...1868-  資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes / Full-text databases  分野...History  日本語
Kokuritsu kobunshokan Asia rekishi shiryo center( Japan Center for Asian Historical Records ) is a digital database testifying to Japan's historical relations in Asia as well as elsewhere. This site provides access to official documents of the Japanese Cabinet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Army and Navy.

WWW  kokuritsu kokkai tosyokan sa-chi (NDL Search)  [FREE]
同時接続数...No limit   資料タイプ...Bibliographic datas, Abstracts, Indexes / Library catalogs  分野...General - Whole Field  

“NDL Search” is a new search service of National Diet Library. This service aims to be an access point from which you can use affluent knowledge from public libraries, archives, museums, institutes of academic research and NDL.