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[Ebooks] Trial Access to the "Maruzen eBook Library" (5 Dec 2018 - 28 Feb 2019) *Extended until the end of Apr 2019

 On 2019-02-26 (4839 reads)

The trial period has been changed. It will now go on until the end of April 2019.

Kyoto University Library Network has a trial access to the eBooks available on "Maruzen eBook Library".

Maruzen eBook Library contains more than 60,000 titles of Japanese eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter.

Trial access offer five (5) minutes of reading before you need to request longer use at no charge to you.

If you would like the library to purchase a book, simply click the "リクエスト" button, fill out the quick form, and submit to the Library for approval. Library staff will notify you whether the request is approved or rejected by e-mail.


  • The trial access will be available only "5 Dec 2018 - 28 Feb 2019"


  • More than 60,000 titles of Japanese eBooks



  1. Only from university computers network
  2. Search by the specific title of a ebook or Browse.
  3. Click "試読" button.
  4. Click "閲覧終了" button.



[Limited Time Only] Trial Access to more than one million ebooks (5 Dec 2018 - 28 Feb 2019)

Kyoto University Library Electronic Resources Section.