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[Learning Support Desk] Grad. staff will consult you in Yoshida South Library (2022/1/11-2/4)

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Do you have any trouble with the exam or your learning at KU? The grad staff of the Learning Support Desk will consult you in Yoshida South Library on 1/11-2/4. Please feel free to contact us.

Who will consult you?

User Support Section, Main Library
Email: ref660 [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

[User Support Section, Main Library]


[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Six items, including books from Adam Smith’s Library and Chinese classic text of geography and astronomy in Ming dynasty, have been newly released

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Six items held by the Graduate School of Law and Yoshida-South Library have been newly released.

Travels in Europe, Asia and Africaheld by the Graduate School of Law is a former collection of Adam Smith. A bookticket is attached to each volume, and an autograph letter addressed by MacIntosh to Adam Smith is inserted in vol.1.
This book is a travelogue consisting of 72 letters, and appendix B contains an observations of Smith’s “An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations.”

Left: bookticket / Center: autograph letter addressed to Adam Smith / Right: appendix B


Five items held by Yoshida-South Library are Chinese classic text of geography, astronomy and book series published in Ming dynasty.
“De tu zeng yao” (地圖綜要) was donated by Motoharu Fujita, a geographer and a professor at the Third Higher School.




LibraryRecord IDTitleAuthorCall No
Yoshida-South LibraryRB00033234 地圖綜要(明)李釜源鑒定 ; (明)朱國達 [ほか] 編輯三高貴重書(和):533//167/三高和
RB00033235 雪廬讀史快編 60卷(明)趙維寰節三高貴重書(和):515//62/三高和
RB00033236 治暦縁起 8巻(明)徐光啓 [撰]三高貴重書(和):640//157/三高和
RB00033237 方輿勝畧 18巻外夷6巻首1巻(明)程百二等輯三高貴重書(和):533//57/三高和
RB00033238 李氏叢書(明)李贄三高貴重書(和):010//8/三高和
G. S. LawRB00033239 Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa : describing characters, customs, manners, laws, and productions of nature and art : containing various remarks on the political and commercial interests of Great Britain : and delineating, in particular, a new system for the government and improvement of the British settlements in the East Indies : begun in the year 1777, and finished in 1781Macintosh, William and  Thomson, William一般貴重書(洋):CIII||2||Mac


As of December 23, 2021, the Digital Archive provides 1,668,590 images of 20,570 titles.



[Library Network] Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive: Open Access week 2021 (October 25-31)

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Twitter Moment : [Digital Archive] OpenAccessWeek2021 [Japanese]  https://twitter.com/i/events/1456041644650688515


Open Access Week is a global, community-driven week of action to open up access to research.
During the Open Access week 2021 (October 25-31), Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive provides some special contents.

・OA week special banner for Kyoto University Digital Archive website.


 Left: Yoshida-South Library, Kyoto University Geographica nova ex. Oriente gratiosissima, duabus tabulis specialissimis contenta, quarum una Mare Caspium, altera Kamtzadaliam seu Terram Jedso, curiosè exhibēt / Adapted.
 Right: Open Access Week 2021 Theme Graphics (SPARC)

 ▼Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive


・Our staff will be tweeting about the latest information of digitization. Check out our twitter!

 ▼Twitter Moment : [Digital Archive] OpenAccessWeek2021 [Japanese]


・ALSO check oht the twitter of Kyoto University Research Information Repository KURENAI, which provides information about open access!

 ▼KURENAI update!(@KURENAI_update


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Solved: [Database] Trouble: CNKI unavailable

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Trouble had been solved.  (2021.10.19)


CNKI is currently not available. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



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【YSL】Offering The Historical Recordings Collection (NDL)

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We have connected to the service of The Historical Recordings Collection of NDL.

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00-17:00 at reference counter in YSL.

※Recording is not available. / Bring your own Headphones.








【Yoshida-South Library】Library Cards & Borrowing for contractual staff

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Sorry, this news is written in Japanese only. 

Please refer to the following website.



【Yoshida-South Library】 Guidance session on how to use library resources [Intermediate / Advanced level](Oct. 19, 21, 25, 27 and 29)

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Sorry, this session will take place in Japanese only. 

Please refer to the following website.



【Yoshida-South Library】Wa-On will extend our opening hours (Trial)

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YSL plans to extend the opening hours of Wa-On start from October.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 8:40-18:30

Wa-On is a speakable space that is open to our students without a reservation where is a place to take online classes.

You will need your student card or library card to go into the space.
We are pleased to wear a mask and hand sanitiser in the library.
Please refrain from talking with other users in the library.


【Datebase】ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers

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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers
[provided by Graduate School of Letters, Graduate School of Law, Institute for Research in Humanities and Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Institute for Research in Humanities]

Gain insight into Chinese political and social life during the turbulent 120 year period from 1832 to 1953 with 12 English-language Chinese historical newspapers. Included are critical perspectives on the ending of more than 2,000 years of imperial rule in China, the Taiping Rebellion, the Opium Wars with Great Britain, the Boxer Rebellion and the events leading up to the1911 Xinhai Revolution, and the subsequent founding of the Republic of China. In addition to the article content, the full-image newspapers offer searchable access to advertisements, editorials, cartoons, and classified ads that illuminate history.

List: "P" https://www.kulib.kyoto-u.ac.jp/erdb?c=erdb_alpha_p&lang=en
User Manual: https://proquest.libguides.com/hnp/about

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