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About the Kyoto University Doctoral Dissertation Database

  • This database provides doctoral dissertations submitted to Kyoto University or, its predecessor, Kyoto Imperial University.
  • Number of doctoral dissertations stored in the database: approx. 45,100 [Doctorate degree conferral from the foundation (1897) to Sep. 24, 2019] (Updated Nov. 01, 2019)
  • Each record includes a request code, the date (year, month, date) of doctorate degree conferral, the doctorate degree number, the name of the author and its reading, the title in the text language, and titles in other languages.
Kyoto University Doctoral Dissertations are searchable via the search window at the top of this webpage or our KULINE system.
* The search window works in the same way as KULINE Simple Search. KULINE Advanced Search is useful in specifying detailed search terms.
Via the Search Window
Type in a title, author(s) and/or keyword(s) in the search window and click [Search].
Via KULINE Simple Search
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  • The search result includes books, journals, e-books, e-journals and other publications in addition to doctoral dissertations.
  • The search result would be restricted doctoral dissertations only on checking “Dissertations” for Material Type in the Filtering Item block.
Via KULINE Advanced Search
  1. Visit KULINE
  2. Click [Advanced Search] tab.
  3. Check “Dissertations” for Document Type.
  4. Enter your keywords in the search boxes and click [Search].

Application for Access to Doctoral Dissertations

  • Kyoto University Library archives all the doctoral dissertations submitted to Kyoto University since its establishment in 1897.
  • Doctoral dissertations are treated as rare materials in Kyoto University Library, and as such, they require prior application in writing (designated application form).
    Click here for details of the procedure.[Please direct your inquiries to: Circulation and Access Services Section (Call 075-753-2640)]
  • To photocopy the part or the whole of any doctoral dissertation, Kyoto University Library requires the user to first obtain the author's permission in writing.※As a general rule, the permission must contain the author’s signature and seal (any format).[Please inquire at Interlibrary Access Desk (Call 075-753-2638)]
  • The service is available on weekdays 9:00 through 11:45 and 13:00 through 16:45, and not on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
  • Some doctoral dissertations may be archived at different locations other than Kyoto University Library. Please read the following for details of availability and conditions of use (jpn only).

Publication of Full-text Dissertations on Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI)


Repository Section, Research Support Division, Kyoto University Library e-mail address: repository[a] (Please replace "[a]" with "@".)