[Yoshida-South Library] Temporary changes to library opening hours

 On 2019-07-09 (221 reads)


<日程・時間 / Extended Opening Hours>

7/9(Tue.)-7/12(Fri.) 時間延長 9:00~ 21:00

7/16(Tue.)-7/19(Fri.) 時間延長 9:00~ 21:00

7/20( Sat.) 時間延長 10:00~ 18:00

7/21( Sun.) 臨時開館 10:00~18:00

7/22(Mon.)-7/26(Fri.) 時間延長 9:00~ 21:00

7/27( Sat.) 時間延長 10:00~ 18:00

7/28( Sun.) 臨時開館 10:00~18:00

  * 7/13( Sat.)は平常通り、7/14( Sun.)-7/15( Mon.) は休館です。


「試験期間中の臨時開館・開館時間延長を行います/Temporary changes to library opening hours」

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[Library Network] Symposium "Current Developments of Open Citations and Institutional Repository" , handouts and videos are uploaded

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[URL Updated] LexisNexis Academic → Nexis Uni

 On 2019-07-08 (158 reads)

The URL to access the new LexisNexis  platform are now live.

All users are recommended to update their bookmarks to reflect the new URLs to avoid an interruption in service.


【Main Library】Library Calendar vol.July 2019 issued

 On 2019-07-01 (332 reads)

We issued the Kyoto University Library Service News(LSN) vol.July 2019.
Written both in Japanese and English with the library calendar for 3 months.
Take it at the Main Library or Coop Stores.

The Back numbers are available on the Kyoto University Repository "KURENAI".

  **Kyoto University Repository "KURENAI"**


【Main Library】The Library Hall to be open during the examination period (July 10 to August 5).

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The Library Hall on the 3rd floor will be available as a study room during the examination period.

Period: July 10 to August 5, 2019

Opening hours: Weekdays  8:30~21:30

       Holidays  10:00~18:30

       July 15, July 20, July 21, July 27, July 28  10:00~21:30